Ok now here is what happened for the last few days. 29th was Kok Leong birthday so we went out to celebrate with him. Enjoy the pictures ^_^

The not enough face by Kok Leong

ok ok, i admit it look horrible

On 30th of May, me and my housemate went to eat at Ming Tien restaurant then went to Subang to withdraw money, we saw this when we passby the Bank

A moment of relax by all the stuffs

Yea, I think we may ask for some recreation in this bank next time when we feel really sick of those waiting time spent on the banking procedure :P


A very big surprise for me in the pass few days is my lecturer actually went to a shop and print a T-shirt especially for me.

" Along the semester, I can see this guy's improvement and his hardwork on everything, here I wish him good luck in his university and he is LEE LUNG!!!"

Gosh, my effort did pay off!!! I did all homeworks he assigned to us and he actually do take mention about it. He is a very knowledgable lecturer who love and very passionate in his job. He is an fanatic of history and law, a good story teller and an excellent friend to have. Thx Mr Hanna, I learn a lot from him and trust me, you will learn a lot from him too. He is still available in Taylor for next year. Go for him :)

A famous quote from Mr Hanna

"you are teaching the class as much as me"

"everyone is entitled to my opinion"

The last day in Taylor T_T

Its raining in the last day Outside the window, the feeling of sorrow

Me and Wei Xin (the cute classmate)

ME and Constance ( the blur blur cozy)
The egg tart i found super nice in Baker's Cottage
Law class
Me and Emily (Bugs Bunny smile owner)
Me and Nana (The best partner in drama)
Me and Kai Ling ( the great tour guide and cartoon character)

I must say that this semester is far more relaxable than last semester. People say college life is fun, yea. I do agree in some of it. The not agree part will fall to those bloody assignment.

Anyway, i am so glad that I have all of u as my housemate, eatmate, classmate, busmate, taximate, librarymate.....and all!!!

Thx for giving me a life and i do appreciate it!

OK, here is my life so far. I had completed all my tests and now is the time to get a rest. I will update the blog again. Hope I can get the University soon. *pray*


Bye Taylor's. The memory will always be in my mind. Hope all of my lecturer will enjoy their life as much as they can in the future

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T-13 said...

Yea...congrats...time to move on..cheers

galaxy0412 said...

how is the taste of the steamboat (the clay one...) ?
curious about tat...

Meng Zhen 铭正 said...

u eat wat steamboat ? how come the soup is black colour 1 ? haha

PehHwa said...

I like Bakery's egg tart !!