I am sooo happy right now.

My story is going to be in a book (chinese)


I was hired as a notetaker in my class with salary.

First attempt, I thought i couldnt make it to one hour. At last I did it.

one hour. 10352 Strides. 686.4 calories were burned

Just wondering will this kind of bike cheaper since it only have one wheel? Bikes here are darn expensive, some reach 1000++ dollars. Maybe this should be the alternative instead.

After the gym session. I ate.

Pretty Western style EH?

I finally got the parcel from my brother in Australia. Although I get immediately "frust" once I opened the parcel. But I do appreciate his effort of doing all this since I am alone here without family. Feeling warm right now *_*


Oh ya! yesterday was the first day of fall. Happy fall everyone

I personally think this picture bring some meanings. Some leaves turn into red but some havent. Doesn't this applied to the world as well? Some people will do better preparation before an important event but some did not. So, which one are you?

And for those who were not ready yet, what are you waiting for?

Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.

Nana tagged me lo. We are good fren ma, muz do the tag

The rules and regulations:
1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tags back!!

2. I love sport
3. I love travelling
4. I love to buy sporty clothes and stuff
5. I love to eat meat
6. I am quite talkative in front of my frens
7. I love myself
8. I am satisfy with my life now
9. I love peanut
10. I can jump high
11. I can run quite well
12. I can speak five languages
13. I love to have friends
14. I love dancing but I never go and learn
15. I love friday
Explored: Richmond Centre

The cute car we discovered

Inside view

This is actually a speaker. First time saw this kind of design.@@

Hi adizero RC

Just found out that actually many of the nike stuff here are made in MALAYSIA.

Its made from woods. Maybe because those engineer use it as its an insulator.

Oh ya, happy Halloween everyone.

I seriously addicted to those sport stuff here. Save me out from it!!!!

Its a big day. Big fest day. Cause we can eat Malaysian food here.

Please dun arrest them, they are not trying to raise the racial issue here. He is not namewee. He is just trying to express his love toward Malaysia flag

Ya, we are having FOOD here instead of FUN.

Cheers UBCians

This is what i learned in Women Study

Its men fault when all women start on diet because that’s the way men want them to be.

And also I learned that the bottles of coca cola are actually made from the perspective of men, who wish to see perfect shape as it applied to women

yea, its kinda interesting because maybe some men will use their left hand to hold the bottle(or maybe right hand) then use the other hand to DIY.

First off, the Coke bottle itself is perfectly easy to grip and it’s curvy shape resembles the woman’s body, a timelessly beautiful structure.

Check out this lovely photo montage with Tyra Bank’s body merged with a Coke bottle

oh ya, one more thing for girls. If people call u a Coca-Cola bottle, you should really take that as a compliment.

If they call you Coca-Cola can, you will know what to do next

Today its a day start with starbucks coffee, to make sure no yawning in class.

Then it comes the cooking session. Seriously, i never thought that it would be happen on me either.

Chickens are always better than vege

good good good

Enjoying the own made chicken meal, yummy

Yay!!! I cooked!!

*oops,maybe it should be i microwaved

I get a F for the very first essay i wrote in my english class.

I dunno whether she was being very mean or my ENG4U marks is a fake one.
Most probably her expectation is high and I am just too sucks in english

I begin to worry about the road in front of me.

Gosh. Am I being too stupid here?
Well, its something about me right now.

I am currently taking Women Studies as one of my elective course.
Its kinda hard for me when the lecturer ask me to think what is the unfair thing that happen to women nowadays in the world.

Hmm, how should i react on that?
Seriously I dunno the answer

The leaves turn into red, autumn is here. And winter is near
By making those offensive remark, one should definitely carry the responsiblity with him

The action of refusing to apologize is like after u pooped in others room but u dun carry it away with you and let others to clean up the mess for you

Well, some would say why dun u guys who participated before dun speak out loud?

I did.

and what I did sparks a butterfly effect.

because I dun wish it continues

We were taught not to speak out but sit down and inserting whatever were given
I refused.
Guess what, we went to Chinatown today.
Aiming for the food and we found one. Yeap. this is it.
The BBQ pork with double eggs.
*Dun expect me to eat those vege, its killing me. The smell is too disxxxxing

And the best thing is. i found it here.

*Solution for constipation*

Come rock with me and bounce with me. I am ready.

The good news is

I start to eat vege here.