Another out-ing. Trust me, this time is a serious one! I went for the medical check-up of my VISA application. Its wont take long but I would suggest u guys or girls who havent done it prepare for a touch-ur-balls or touch-ur-bb experience.
(Luckily i was told that the doctor will did the private part checking, it did scare the shit out some of people).
Anyway, it was shorter than what I expected. We went to Pavillion afterward. The big part is because Chai Jui's camera need to be taken there for warranty and the small part is I was trying to do some survey on the winter coat price.

Again, some N80 shooting. Was too bored

I found this thing delicious. Available at Pavillion Food Republic

2 shell(s):

Anonymous said...

doesnt look appetizing at all..

Teddy said...

y touch the ball?
check wat? any idea?