Saw this picture on the internet days ago, I think its interesting so I save it to my computer and share it with you all
Nobody is happy unless you are satisfied with what you already have.
Stop jealousing and start loving.
I might not be updating this blog that often when I go back Msia. Its just how the way it is. Life is bigger than online back in Msia. But at here online is like my everything.
Till then. Good luck everyone for whatever test you had, having or will be having.
(This is why sometimes english is better than mandarin)
Only few days more.

Good luck everyone.
There are two times when I will drop into deep thought myself.
When I bath and when I run.

One of the reason why I like running is because you can do it alone. People around you doesnt have to adjust themself to fit your time, your stamina, and your pace. Or the other way around.
This is one thing that you can do alone at anytime.
You don't have to ask other to run with you because you can do it perfectly well without others to accomodate you.

I managed to set my personal best here recently. It was beyond words.
The pace, the breath, the time, and everything is just so right for me.
Shoes does matter. It reduce the time up to 4 seconds.
Not forget the social facilitation theory as well.
With the right shoes, I can do so much more.
I think that apply to life too, with the right people beside you, you gain so much more without having to do more.
I finally have this epiphany telling me that its not the physical thing about running that I love, it also is the mental process.
It was broken, and it still is. But I gonna fix it.
I have never been so sure about what I want before but I do now.
And I gonna go for it. No matter what it takes.

Sometimes you know its a trap, but you will still allow yourself to fall into it and sink.

That really is life.
Deep inside I know that nothing is impossible.
I know if you want something, you will get it if you worked hard enough.

아마나는 바보 야, ou peut-être sa-il encore.

Life ask you to keep off, but still human choose to jump inside.

And I am just a homosapien.
Ever have a thought that waking up in the morning and feel like running out to the road and let the car crashed into you so that you wont have to worry about anything anymore?

I am having that thought now.

And dun worry, I am okay, for now.

Seriously I wish I never have to write this thing down.
This is to mark down what I feel and what I think for these three years in this circles.
Trust me, I had tried hard enough to get into the group that once I doesnt , and probably never will belong to.

Its funny how relationship will slowly deteriorate up to a point.
I witnessed how ignorant and arrogant can one be. I am not a perfectionist myself, so when I start to get annoyed by something, you can imagine how wrong the situation is like.

The point is, if you are keeping it to you and your so called "friend" I am totally ok with it. I know how variety this world is. I have been there. But if you crossed into my boundary, I wont be the one who just keeping quiet and aint doing a shit thing. I will rebel.
I will make sure you know the consequences if you offended me.

Saying others is inferior than you is wrong.
Waiting others to do something good to you is wrong.
Assuming you have the most hectic workloads in the world is wrong.
Acting as if everyone needs you is wrong.
Being sarcastic at the back and turn drastically to be the good man in front is wrong.
Commenting on others while you are just the same is wrong.
Being stubborn and never listen to anyone is wrong.

With so many wrong things happening in my life everyday, Sometimes I dun even know what is right anymore. I am how I think. What I do to you is exactly how I think about you.

I tried so hard to understand why would there be so much differences when we are all human. Bragging about how tough his/her life is and saying to the world that he is the best, acting as if the world owe him/her everything he deserved, taking advantage of other people for his/her own sake, never appreciate what others had done for him and etc.

So I come to a conclusion myself, to be this high, you need to be weird enough. There is only a few hundred in the country who make it to this point. To reach here, I know you have to have something.
Remember, the world or people around you doesnt owe you anything.

Thats how u should live your life. Its not a playground, in fact everyone can treat you like a dog on the street. We can donate our things to you, but you wont get anything anymore if you never bark or shake ur tail after we gave you the bone.

Upon writing this I was still thinking of saving some to maintain the relationship within the group. But now I know I dun anymore.