Its a long day, but still

Missions accomplished.
Life has been busy for the pass two weeks I reached Malaysia. A lot of outing and gathering for the pass two weeks and I believe more are coming.

To sum up the Hong Kong trip, I would say its fun. But I missed out the casino part in Macau and I think I will go there again with my family.

And for the Bangkok trip, it was awesome, despite of not seeing them for like 8 months. We are still good fren and we are still as cool as we were before.

Well, Thanks for reading the blog. Might not update as often as I did when I was in Canada. Wont be wasting my summer break by just surfing the net. Might as well stay in Vancouver if I did just that eh?

Happy summer break people!

I am just too lazy to blog about the later trip.
Sorry about that.
I promise I will update it after I collect all of the pictures.
There is one thing I can say about HK to you all now.
HK is a shopping paradise yes, but its if only u are willing to spend more on it.

Thats all.

Stay tuned guys :)
For more pictures can go see my facebook photo

Going back in two days!
The deal is, we need to wear mask to prevent from taking Swine flu back with us. We cancel our plan for visiting some of the attraction because we are aware that we must keep ourself healthy from time to time. Do our best to not falling sick.

What to do?
Pig flu make us dun even have the right to breath fresh air.
I hate swine flu.

Its day two and after some discussion of how will we try our best to minimize the chances of infected with swine flu.
This swine flu did really affected my mood of staying here.
And seriously, I even feel like going home.
But wth eh?
Who can actually be here when there is a flu outbreak?
Its like the only chances in ten years.
SARS i am not here, Bird flu I am not here

But hey! I am here for swine flu.

So we went to Madame Tussaud's wax museum.
It was fun. And here are some pictures to share.

This is for those who think that I am too thin for six pack. Yes, I am not

Lang Lang feel touching by hearing me playing piano.

One of the good thing about wax museum is, they are moulded base one 1:1 ratio. And you can compare ur height with them.
And he is one of my favourite in the museum.
And he is shorter than me

Hong Kong night view is fantastic. I bet you can hardly find any other one in the world.
Its just so amazing that you will be drunk by just looking at it for more than 30 minutes.

I am boring with Hong Kong food already. Any other food suggestion?
Well, Malaysia food is still the best.
Day 1 in Hong Kong

The first impression is hot. Like real hot.
Not that kind of sexually attrative hot but its big sun burnly hot.

The first thing is, surely Ice tea.

And I had like two in a row for the day. It was nice

The shopping centre and stores are crazy here, people actually queueing up for branded stuff more than they queueing for toilet.
Guess they have a lot to spend here.
And who is the one who told me branded stuff is cheaper here? Shit, I was cheated.
Its actually more expensive. Dun ask me about shopping anymore.

Like usual stuff. I take picture with him. Or should I say he take it with me?
Bruce Lee. Arena of stars

The view is great here, we spend the whole day walking and believe it or not, we walked like 30km for the whole day. And we pretty much covered the whole Tsim Sha Zui and Mong Kok.

I swear, I am not people who coming and hoping to get laid here. I am innocent, I just found this ads board interesting as it seem.

Its not like I havent get much time to get to know about Hong Kong even if I am here for only a short day. The thing is. I did.
I learn quite an important thing in HK.
The culture is just so deeply rooted in us.

Yes, Hong Kong feet, I smelled it even before I had got the chance to explore Hong Kong.
And yea, something come in between me and this Hong Kong trip, and that is?

Frust, I hate Swine Influenze.

SKC got dengue, Hong Kong got Swine influenza, Vancouver got homocide, Thailand got riot, Indonesia got bomb,, KL got robbing cases, and Sarawak got Lee Lung.
wtf, where should I go.