Finally, this post is about my graduation day. I was searching for my friends for photos. I took quite a lot of photos but I dun have it because I dun have a camera. Graduation ceremony was indeed a fun and memorable experience, especially the moment where we all hold the candle high which indicate that we are now in another session of life. University, here we come!!!

Something not right about the ceremony is that (I must say this) the awards are quite unfair for some people who really did struggle for their result but turn up with nothing in their hand.

Lets start with the first one

The Chairman's awards
Why is that only 1st and 2nd highest academic standing student get the award? Where is the third? Shouldn't it be 1st 2nd 3rd instead of 1st and 2nd?

Special awards
IB is not included in this field? What does IB stand for? not International BUSINESS anymore? How about Accounts?

Again, Data Management and Geometry is not included in this field, is those two subjects not consider as maths?

Social Sciences
There are too many branches in Social Science, it shouldn't be grouping in one field. Law, Econ, World Issues, World history, Psychology, Sosiology are all included but only one student is chosen

Computer Science
It is only one subject, how come it becomes one of the special award now?

I doesn't mean that people who get the award does not eligible for those awards and appreciation. They are totally very GREAT people. What I mean is it should be a special award for each subject or maybe each lecturer choose one or two most outstanding student in their class to accept the award. Isn't it great?

Here are some pictures I took during the ceremony. Just a short note, anyone know who prepared the fried chicken for that day? I ate 7 fried chicken one shot that day, it was soooooo delicious.

Me and Wei Zhang

In the group of us


ME and my mum

Me and Janice

The group of Sekinchanian

Our beloved lecturers

Me, Yi Xiong and Lester

The Candles moment


Was playing around with the camera

The candle ceremony

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David said...

Actually, its all included.
Business includes OS, IB, Accounting and other business tream subject.

mathemathics include calculus, geomet and Data

Social science also includes all social science subject.

Comp sci i have no idea but if you check the booklet, behind there they have names for each department and u can pretty much guess what subject is in wich department

Teddy said...

graduation is always fun!!

peiny said...

it's looked great~congratulation..bro~!
carry on yr effort on yr study!!

Anonymous said...

and still the system is going wrong and it's unfair...i totally agree with what lee lung have said...hehe...