Quite a lot of out-ing this few weeks. And this is another one. We went to a place name Taman Alam which is a really nice camp site. It located beside a reserved forest and Bukit Melawaiti (The monkey mountain).

The price for using the camp site a night will be RM5 for each person. No camping set provided.

Triangle like camp site.

The other type of dorm

Another side of view

The Europe-like lamp there

We are trying to shoot an album like photo, the lorry ruin the pic @@

All green environment
Paya Bakau there


Learned from Tsuey Xin. lol

Yeah, even i get the chance to reach the mind-ur-head
Another silly pic

Wild life there


Gosh, how does this plant stay alive?

Bouncing bouncing

Couple of the day

Not all of us.

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Ying Xuan said...

Love the bouncing pic and also the pic which u guys amazed by the plant that survive

*=*XuAn*=* said...

here to support the couple!

vnnie said...

xuan....stop promoting ok?
that's not true~~~

peregrintook said...

weh i paiseh lah like that


*=*XuAn*=* said...

did i? i mean snail and sapphire la...don't think too much

linzaivernon said...

nice trip