If you asked whats the biggest thing changed in my life so far after one year i came here.
This will definitely be it
I used to hate it so much and asked why people like to eat sour rice so much and willing to spend so much on it? Its just expired and cold rice afterall

But it turns out I was wrong for so long, it taste good!
Or it taste really really good.
I thought it was like girls' hobby to eat sour rice but now I am one of them.

some moment to share. Love you guys :)
I had a lot of fun

As I keep training, I felt like I am not competing with others anymore
Instead I am trying to find for a breakthrough point for myself that is not far

In fact, I am challenging myself to go faster and faster each time if i am able to do so.
You can win anyone in this world if you train hard enough.
But you can never win urself.

When you do have this thought, the intention to win is not the drive anymore, therefore you will keep on improving.

I am toeing the line now, and waiting for the chance

When the time comes, i will give my best. And strikes
So people had asked
What makes you choose psychology,

I replied: Nothing, I wish to know myself more, thats why I choose it as my major.
Havent know myself enough, I wouldnt dare to know others more.

Life is good so far, no homesick yet, tonnes of travelling plans and lots of things to learn
Except that the bloody $2000+ rent need to due a day after my birthday.

I am so glad that UBC actually have its own oval now, I am running like everyday there.
What best in life?
Its when you can do things that you love whenever u want to.

If you never do what you love, you will never love what you do. Thats the fact of life.
Life sucks, big time
So Its time to take the bull by the horn and face the music.

Today mark the end of Summer, Be ready for the coldness people!
Reading those news really freak me out,

For one second this guy, fren, family member or even lover is still in front of you and functioning perfectly answering every of your question. But for the next, he/she is gone.

Not that they leave for short, but that is, forever.

The words forever is just too cruel for me. Left aside our own feeling, think about how's the feeling of others toward that incident?

We can always say "God always take the best from us"

But does He really?

We are all living in a real sordid world where we dun even know what will happen to us the next day. Or maybe the next second precisely

I know I am being sentimental here, but who else doen't when something bad come into their life?

Life is weak and unprecedent and so is death.

Appreciate ur life before god-know-who took it away from you and force you to do so.
I am sure that there is some time of our life that we will start thinking, hey! I am getting older.

For me, I think its now.
I wake up before seven everyday. Its a sign or what?

Or its just because I sleep 8pm everyday?

Can someone tell me?
One thing i know i will be doing in the next few months will be, studying

And of course, back to the blogging routine.
I am all ready to go now.
Whats packed? Mind is packed, luggage is, and I am.

O, Sekinchan, How i love theeee