Pangkor trip is FUN!!!

Here is some photos when I was in Pangkor. Pangkor is really a nice place to go if u plan to go for a low budget island trip. The budget is around RM150.

Diving and all those snorkeling activities included is RM220 for one boat. One people is around RM22 as the boat can take 8-12 people.

The banana boat is about RM15 per person. Four rounds and there will be two rounds for "purposely drop u".
We did have a great moment in Pangkor ^_^
The first day we rent motor and the price was RM25 (the price fluctuate for different season, it will double up for public holiday) and the bike rental is around RM3-RM5 per day. You can get cheaper if the shop are competing with each other. Anyway, I rent the bike for RM5. -_-
The ferry is RM5 per trip. Lazy to write liao.....here is the pictures

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