Again, Malaysia come out with a protest

There is a saying that when one go first, there must be the second one come along....Yup, it is proved in this case. No long ago, our democratic country just had another protest about the election. Haha, maybe they protest because they want to get onto the tv, or maybe they had a thought where they think "Hey, lets protest LAH, fun ma, let everyone see Malaysia as a chaos country"

Yeah, the video shows hows chaos was Malaysia now. Even though it is no really as chaos as shown in the video, still, what is in foreigner's eyes? They are not blind and they can see. What will other countries think about us? A bunch of monkeys who like to protest and government who like to throw tear gases and chemical liquid to own citizens? I dunno.....perhaps...it is true...
( in case the video cannot run, please click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlWmafBG1Mo)

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Mcdonald feast!!!!

My ENGLISH3U assignment self-designing T-shirt, isn't it nice?

The only class picture i only have..i wish to have more~~~!!!

What else other than eat sleep and assignment??? haha..nothing different, this is last week pic and the final exam is approaching!!!! Its getting nearer and nearer!!! Yet, i felt unwilling to leave all my classmate....
What happen to me? why suddenly so sentimental...arrkkkssss

I need to study hard for my own sake!!!

I must win the ticket~~~

eargerly await for the holiday!!!

i wan to take a good rest, take a good tour, take a good meal...take everything good in this world. Maybe i shouldn't consider ICPU not tough at all, coz its really scary~~~

Anyway, coming to the end of the sem, i feel better and at least i didnt give up. Today was a good day, i feel good and i feel like i will miss my classmate and my lecturer (which i didnt feel that way at past). ;p

Yea, i do sincerely hope that we will meet again next sem, or after we all apart from each other then come back to here and say

"Hey, u old edi la, old head!!!"

Isn't it nice to hear such word?
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THis is "peaceful" Malaysia

WHat others view on Malaysia....

CAn u see the different? omg!! Malaysia government is covering the truth!!!

Not any related news inside newspaper were published! Yea, i mean true!

THis is democracy Malaysia style, we have a great government, yea, we really have.

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Sorry, i really can't find any of Malaysia news on that tear gas and water cannons....After this, we can proudly say we got a good minister and good government to lead us in this democracy country