Which agency lost my medical check up for Canada VISA
High Com of Canada in Malaysia?
High Com of Canada in Singapore?
The Courier company?


why it happened on me?

Gonna experience the touch ball event for second time =.=
My medical check up for Canada VISA really lost.


why it happened?
A luxurious wedding

Dun ever look down at people who came from kampung. Because they can do some really big things sometimes. Here is one of it, this guy actually use 10+ sport car or branded car like Mercedes CLS320 for his wedding. Its kinda crazy but definitely people will remember this dinner for a long time as its quite special.

GTR, Mers, bla bla bla

I wish to have those

This is the wedding scene, they invite Xiao Feng Feng(小凤凤), a local singer for the singing performance.

This is the most interesting part of the dinner, the guy manage to invite the olympic-gold-medalist-to-be to his wedding. Lee Chong Wei. I was finding chance to take picture with him the all the time and finally i get one.

Tan Boon Heong is also there tonite. They said Koo Kien Kiat did show up too but i didnt see him the whole night.

Lol, i ask my fren to curi capture this

I wish to take photo with Tan Boon Heong also but he is carrying the coconut desert and eating all the way from the hall to his car...so....I only manage to take one photo in the end.

I did shake hand with him and tell him to jia you for Olympic. My mum did the same as well :)
*his hand is quite big, maybe because of playing badminton for long time*

Their car!!! Wish Lee Chong Wei, Tan Boon Heong and Koo Kien Kiat will win the very first gold medal in Olympic 2008 for Malaysia.

Good Luck!!!

I was with my gf this afternoon, she ask me to fetch her to school so I did. Once I saw the classroom, lots of feeling come towards me.
I really miss those days.
I really do
i found this three video about dolphin sound. Here to share with you all

This is Vitas version
He first appeared in Russia in December of 2000 with his hit Opera #2, which was notable for use of Vitas' surprisingly high-pitched and energetic countertenor voice.

This guy name lu guang zhong, his sound not bad too He is trying to act like vitas in this video

This is the most funny voice i encounter in youtube
Bagan Nakhoda Omar (Sabak Bernam)

This is the name of our destination this time. We are too free thus we explore some places where we all never been there.
So, we drove to this not-so-pretty beach. Anyway, its rated the second best beach in Selangor(maybe there is only two in the list). I wont say the beach there is bad because i had seen worse here.
I had been to a few beach before, this is more like a civilized beach, what i mean here is there were some buildings or pavement there for tourist attraction purpose.
Same gang again, maybe i really need to think a group name for us edi
Let the pictures do the talking.
I would say the color of the plants there is nice, one of the best green color i ever saw.

Lets fly to the place so i can do the picture describing

Here we are, for the album cover again *_*

See those green color, its so amazing

Group of five

Emo, as what we always did

Appreciate life

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I found the road to go out from here!!!!

Where the hell is the exit?

Couple of the day, their clothes match coincidently

Technical problem, she suppose to smile like me in this picture

Children please dun try this at home

Give her some food, wont ya?

Pointing to the aim of our life, as high as we can

Pointing to you, because you are the only one who can only make ur dream come true

The pondok seem a bit old, but we still take it as a spot

This guy is trying to put himself to where he wishes to go so long

A happy trip^_^, love u all



我, 不堪一击



我相信到level 12并不是问题






Here is the answer for the psychology test

peace lover
Always feel comfortable to communicate with other people
Have a lot of friends
Can make a good analysis on people

Logic thinking
Seldom believe on rumours
Just and equiable
Always follow the rules and regulation
Follow logical thinking instead of emotional

Have a great target in life
With wide vision
Follow one way to reach his/her aim
Willing to leave friends behind for own benefits

Have interest in everything
Love free life

which one are u, does it reflected urself well?
All psychology tests need 30 years time of research to proof its reliability. And this is one of it. I personally think that the test results are quite accurate

Of Triangle, Rectangular, Wave and circle

This is actually a test for ur personality where we did it in BTN camp. I would say its quite accurate for me. Choose one and the answer will be in the next post. I personally choose triangle. How about u?

Psychology test is fun!!!!

KFC tour

seriously, i love KFC. Thats why i will try to try every places KFC whenver i could. Even when i go abroad, i will try to eat KFC to try on the taste. Please take note, each KFC have different taste. I was inpired by my elder brother i guess. Anyway, i always wish to be a KFC agent so that i can eat KFC for free, but then i dunno how.

Here is one, in Kuala Selangor, a new one, a nice one also. I like the design of the shop, simple and nice.

Some other pictures. We went to Watson afterward. Found some interesting stuff there

Quack! quack! I thought this one is in DIGI ads.

the special thing about this one is the words

A sense of obsence here @@

Imagine how much kicks are on me? This post means a lot. For me, nothing will come out of doing nothing. If we want something, we muz strive hard to get it. Laziness will earn u nothing.
I learned that the only way you are going to get anywhere in life is to work hard at it. Whether you're a musician, a writer, an athlete or a businessman, there is no getting around it. If you do, you'll win-if you don't you won't. That's life.