Petanque is probably one of the least famous sport througout the world.

But it is one of the most challenging sport as well.
It needs a lot of focus and dedication onto the game, once you missed a step, you lost. Its that simple.

I remember the first time I step into petanque field is when I was still in form 1

It so weird when you saw bunch of people are trying to throw metal boule to near a plastic Jack.
I used to say its probably one of the worst sports you can play in life

The whole rules is ,you cant move, you cant step out of the small circle that is only as large as ur two feet, you cant use leg and you cant jump.

Then I got into the school team and practice this sports everyday. It was so boring.

Until when I finally realize the theory of it, I found that it actually carries a lot of things related to your life.
It really open my eyes when I was in the Malaysia open 2007

It taught me how to make plans and calm down when something goes wrong in life. I was the one who knock the opponent's boule when the boule come into our way to get near our target.

The moment of throwing the boule away from you is hard.
Mentally, its like you are having thousand of things racing in ur mind.
The feeling is beyond words. Its crucial sometimes as well because you lost the target, you lost the whole game.

Theorectically, you are holding and palm-size metal ball and you are trying to knock away the other palm-size ball which is like 10 m from you.

Ignoring the damn big sun you are under when you are playing, you will still need to count and speculate which angle you will need to shoot the ball so that it wont spoil the whole plan.
Its hard.

Chance is there, but it depends on whether or not you can hit it.

Same as life, chances are there, grab it or lost it.

I am having this problem of producing three in a Canadian way

When I was in class, I said three and people will say "what?"

Then I say again "THREE"
*shaking my tounge when I was saying the word*
Again, "what?"
I swear at that moment I would like to shout out "p"

But I didnt for sure, I was in a class anyway.

I realize that this is my own problem when I went to an aquarium shop
I said:
"I am sorry but I want to get three fishes"
"There are two in there."
"No, I mean three"
"There are already two inside!"

So I take off my shoes and show him how to count finger.
My left hand middle finger, right hand middle finger, and my left leg middle finger

He understood me immediately. I am so proud

Ever had an exam that you got absolutely no enough time to finish it?
I am not a very bright student in every class I would say
but the only good thing about me is I am fast.
I cant hardly recall any of it that I cant finish on time and not leaving early

The exam is totally ridiculously ironically purposely sally made up.
Even the professor was telling us that:" For sure you guys wouldn't be able to finish the exam, so DO the part that YOU THINK you will do most well."
but whats the point?
So there it is, 5 question, consists of at least 12 sub questions for each
total up 150 marks.
And my prediction would be that no one can get higher than 50% for the test.

By the way, the feeling of having only done half of the paper and hearing "10 minutes left" really boost you up to a level than you can never imagine. You will speed up real fast.

For one second you were still at the first half of the exam paper, the next you had done crapping for the rest of the paper.

But what the heck eh?
I finally had it today :)
Its funny when its Halloween,

You feel weird by wearing normal cloth going around the street

Cause everyone beside you are someone! They are all "someone" that you know.

Even taking a bus might make you feel weird :S

The fact is, this is the day that I will have one more hours to sleep or do my stuff.

But I happen to think that what if I died in one of the Daylight Savings Time months and never got that hour back?

Wouldn't that be depressing?

It would be for me at least :(