Remember since the first day I reached here
Started from three figure.
Then two, then start with 1.
Then here it is
8 more days then I will be home.
Fly away from studies, and enjoy my life.

Happy Summer people :)

Some of us even get an erection because of the long waited excitement.

With an ice-cream on the hand means that.
Spring, is here
No more coldness and small pXXXses.

And no more Seasonal Affective Syndrome.

Flowers are everywhere.

My fren come ove this few days before we all depart to Hong Kong, and so I took him to some Vancouver so called "attraction".
It was fun.

And yes, i go and kiss the fish again.

Did I told you I owned a Lamborghini?

Yes I do.

Days are near, few more days from going back home. :)

Its one month load of laundry here. Guess its the last time for laundry for the end of this term.

Few days ago I went and checked whether there is yet naked people at Wreck beach or not.
The result is, as some wolves might want to know but lazy to climb own
-drumroll please-
Its not easy to go down to the beach since u need to climb down like 400+ ladders to and climb up again to the origin point to UBC.
My gastrocnemius (俗称小腿) muscle now suffering overstretching pain because I tried to run up to the top within 10 minutes.
Well, thats the pain you need to endure if u wish to see *cough cough* naked peoples
Or should I say naked old people.

If you see me around, you will probably see my duck-like walking style to prevent further stretch of my gastrocnemius muscle.

I even feel that the seagulls like to apporach me now. Maybe they think I am one of their kind.
Well, I know writing this post will make many of you annoyed.
But I think I NEED to write it anyway

Waiting. A hard lesson learnt here
Seriously, I had never wait so much in my life before I came here
I heard numerous of :" Its ok to wait a while la, many people ma."

And yes I did.
Sometimes 10 minutes, 20 minutes and even one hour.
Note that 10minutes is the least time I had ever wait.

Not that I am on time everyday.
But I swear that I never will let someone wait me and ignore that that people had actually waited me

Is it so ok to be late sometimes?
The point I want to clarify here is, its not the current event that make me write this post. Ever boiling water in your time? I am at the limit of exploding off and people keep on heating on me.
Yes, I do have limit too

What's worse is,
Its not that I set the time for everything. Its not me.
So people who set the time should be on time. AM I BEING RIDICULOUS HERE?

And here come the story of my life,
When people ask for your help to bring them to buy things.
And I let them set the time.
Its not like I want to buy. But its out of the intention of helping them.
And I asked them to propose a time.

And yeah, time set
And then late again.

You are the one who want to go, you set the time, and you come late.
You play the whole game. Me being the fool.

Its so fucking not ok when you let someone waiting and you never feel guilty about it ok?
*I think its the first fuck ever in my blog, to show how serious I am in this case

After all, why should I devoted my precious time to wait people?

This last guy seem like a bit out of air, but he is actually trying to do beatbox and blowing the flute in the same time.

I always love this song. Since I started to like Maksim.

Here is my promise to life.

I will play it once in my life. In full notes.
Not as fast as they can but I will try

One more to do thing in the list.
Probably the hardest one

21 days =)

"Loveliest of Trees"
Loveliest of trees, the cherry now
Is hung with bloom along the bough, And stands about the woodland ride
Wearing white for Eastertide.
Now, of my threescore years and ten,
Twenty will not come again.
And take from seventy springs a score, It only leaves me fifty more.
And since to look at things in bloom,
Fifty springs are little room,
About the woodlands I will go
To see the cherry hung with snow.
A.E. Houseman (1859-1936)
The good thing about spring is. You feel alive

Not like you get another live after u have had one.
But the feeling of rejuvenation after the deadly winter had passed.
You can actually see flower everywhere and you can sense the feeling of life blossoming around you.
Like those plants, they had survived another winter and so do you.
Life goes on and next, next next, and next next next winter is there waiting for you.

The bad side of the story?
The beauty of nature keep on distracting you from studying.

And when every trees are trying to attract people's attention. This one does too.

by growing out singlet. But hey! You can still wear it right?

I found this video very beautiful. No any words in the world can describe it.

"And in the end, its this small things that you remember, that little imperfections that make them perfect for you."

"To my beautiful children, I hope one you too find yourselves a life partner, who is as beautiful as your father was to me."

We are all going to die one day and its just a matter of time when will it be.

Family is the always the one who give undivine love.Love them before its too late.

Happy Easter people!
Life has been good. Everything going smoothly and all the classes had ended.
14th March is the first day I will have my exam.
then 25 March will be the last day
26th my friend will come and I will try to guide him all around Vancouver.
Actually was going to write a post about "be on time" but feel like I can still take it right now.
If it happened again.
I think I wont be that stupid anymore.
is waiting!

26 days =)

"Of Men and Women"

Woman's Journal

She had been acting really weird today. We promised to have dinner together but I late for one hour because I was shopping with my friend. I think this is the reason why she is not happy for the day.

There wasn't much communication between us and he was eating without looking at me. He wasn't in the mood the whole day and I was asking him tonnes of questions but he only reply me with "yes, no, and mm". I used every method to make him happy but it seems like not working on him at all.

Then I gave up and ask him to tell me what happened. He agreed but yet he didn't tell me anything at all. I asked again and he say:" Nothing, just dun need to care about me"

I asked:"Is it because I spent a lot on shopping that make you angry?"
A simple "no" end our conversation abruptly.

"Its not because of you, just leave me alone, i will be fine"

On the way going back home, I hold his hand and tell him that I love him. He says nothing. He just keep on his pace and without giving any response to me. I dun get it. Why would he response nothing to the "I love you".

When we reached home, I figured that things might be really serious. I think I am going to lose him and I think he dun even care about me anymore. I need to do something.

After I bathed, I saw him laying on the couch and watching the TV. What? He dun even care about my feeling?

So I went to bed and thinking about the whole incident then I fall asleep. I just dunno what happened to him that make him dun even care about me anymore.

I dunno how long I slept, I woke up suddenly and I saw some light coming from the living room.

"He is still watching TV?"
So I walked to the couch and decided to talk to him about our problem. He acted strange the whole day and I never see him act like this before. I think the talk is crucial for our relationship.

I practise the starting line hundred of times before I go out to talk to him. I care about this relationship and I know if I act wrongly this relationship will end just like that. I cant afford to lose him.

When I approached him, I found that he slept ont he couch with smile on his face.

This moment I can say for sure that he has an affair outside. He chose not to sleep with me and sleep on the couch. He hates me! I felt the world treat me unequally. God, why am I still living in this world?

I think this is the end of our relationship

Man's Journal

Manchester United lost today. But the TV series tonight is quite hilarious.
It was a day with lots of passion and excitement.
Waking up at 9.
Which is actually earlier than usual, even weekdays.

Then going to swim at 3pm. Heading downtown at 6.

Things goes smoothly and yea, I finally saw my lover here in Vancouver.

I purposely travelled 30km away to see her.
I just cant reject her beauty.
For her, I willing to do anything
For her, I willing to spend billions of dollar.
For her, I willing to be with her and take her anywhere she want to.
For her, I willing to feed her when she needs it
I wish I can touch over her non-stop, and enjoy every inches of her.

She is just so fine and I really wish i knew how to quit her.
Her body is just so fine that everyone cant resist her beauty.

Je t'aime /^3^/

The evidence of I actually touched her

I am not like a very big fans of cars. But for luxury car, I am.
I still remember fondly when "The Dark Knight" sacrifice his cute and sweet Lamborghini on the road. The time it got hit, my heart was like bumped by a lorry.
I cant help but shouting out in the threater, it just cost too much for me.

The car show was nice, worth even penny of it.
I saw some rare car in the show like Lotus and Ferarri also.

I spent around two or three hour or so inside the show to try on some of my favourite car because I know this might be the very first and last chance I can touch on the car.
Who can actually afford those carsssss right?

So I tried to sit inside and get the feeling of owning the car for ten second or so.

FYI, I try on like 10+ cars that day.
The price is averagely cheaper if compare to Malaysia.

But still in the end, I can only manage to take back this one home.

Little sheep

Classy, elegant, yet not expensive.

Hey yo, Final is coming, chiong chiong chiong!

32 days more

Just when I was talking to a new friend in PSYC 100 class.

"Yo, Whats your name bro?"
"Lung, whats your?"
"Aaron, where do you from?"
"Oh hell no, are you serious?"
"Well, do like look like cheating on a new fren like you?"
"My parent are from there also, I went back every summer"


When I was the subject of a research project by UBC.
"Are you from Malaysia? Coz I can tell from your accent"
"Is it? How do you know about Malaysia accent?"
"My parent are from Penang, I know some Hokkien words also"


When I was paying for my clothes in FCUK® store in downtown Robson Street.
I was paying using my credit card, so as usual the cashier ask for my driving license.
"Oh, so you are from Malaysia eh?"
"I am from Malaysia too! I had been living here for like 20 years."
"Oh, what makes you here?"
"I studied and graduated here, so just feel like wanted to spend the rest of my life here."
........and on and on and on


I was talking to my friend one day and she told me, people who are able to migrate to other country wont living in the country. Because they country is not ideal enough.


People see 2009 as a good year. From Obama inaguration to the new start after the financial meltdown last year.

Changes is good. Will it be good for this April?

I will say it depends.

I cant speak for everyone. But the country can.

Latz wet n c