Its great to go for a tour with friends. Especially when you are totally didnt plan for it and here is one. We went to Bukit Melawati which is like 20 minutes drive away from my hometown. The place is nice because the monkeys are not as fierce as what we see in the movie.

Enjoy the pictures

We were facing Selat Melaka here

The newly built Museum, quite a number of things to see inside

The light house, landmark of Kuala Selangor and the cannon

The monkeyssss

Feeding moment

Their tails @_@

"When can I get food?"

"Errr, may i know where is the toilet?"

Guess i was feeling irritating by the shit smell there
(i dont mean to be rude here, give me another word for it)

How I wish they could make a pose of cover their mouth, or cover their eyes, or cover their ears
"see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"

Seriously, i dunno why they did this action, I am not the one who ask them to do so. btw, the monkey look enjoyable with half eyes open

They conquer the cannon there

He is thinking of his partner i guess

Here are the pictures in the newly built museum. I think the guard will feel regret because he let us visit inside.

We break in and become the display doll ourselves

A great armor suit displayed there. Anyway, its not bullet proof

The tiny tiny, it looks great

The reason why we shouldn't be in the museum.

We like to be model as well as break into the display corner


The not stainless steel sword

Some other display stuff here

The shocking doll. *ya, i know we are far more better poser than them*
*Posing inside*
*pose changed*

They actually like me

Finally i manage to take one home. :)

Remember the pic on the top one? After five minutes of "caressing", that monkey lie down and let the other monkey do whatever he want.

Here is a video about that two not-behave-well monkeys

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Anonymous said...

OMG!!!wat the heck with the video??damn disgust la....LOL..

PehHwa said...

haha.. those monkeys look different from what I have seen so far

Teddy said...

OMG!! really funny la..
i tot u dun like the smell, yet u let one climb to ur shoulder..