I guess this post should be like the very first post in my blog, but then I didnt do so until now

So this post is about me.

And so this is me.

So first of all, why snail0810?
snail is actually kind of a motivation for me to run faster and I wont bore you with the whole story
and 0810 is basically my birthdate

I was born in 1989 October 8th. The same day as the 九皇爷 birthday in lunar calendar

FYI, I am very very into sports. I love Taekwondo and track field the most. They are just like my life.

I used to be the gold medal in Selangor for Shuttle run in Taekwondo. But its all "was" since I really dun practice as much as before now,

I used to be the best athlete in school and pretty good in track and field in my school. After i came here, I know that many mountains are higher than me in this world.

Btw, I am now studying in University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada under JPA

I like to find out things like those small things in life
like why people will say "sleep tight" ?
and like why will Adidas become Puma and Adidas now since the two are brother?
and that kind of so called "common sense"

And one more one more, I have a tendency of looking at others shoes and judge the price.

I guess I am a shoes fanatic or something.

I love to try new things. I love to travel and I love to see what people doing on the street. Maybe this is the reason why I chose Psychology as my major. I love to know what is in people mind.

And I think I am a pretty good inspector too. I can figure things out quite fast

I dun really like to study, for me I think that practical is always more important. I see results more important than the process.

Those word like "I regreted" is like crap to me

And I have an addiction on Teh Ais

Believe it or not, I almost will only order in Teh-Ais-served restaurant

All my life I wish to be somebody that people know. I feel like it just doesnt make sense that you live here but only a few people know you are existed.

These four are the friends or lover I appreciate the most. We laughed together. But I swear, we will never cry together because there will only be fun and laughter around us. We call ourselves snakiss because we are just that cool. We are all so different, but yet so similiar

My range of interests is very wide. I cant accept any kind of topics or any kind of hobbies.

Even kissing a fish

I love dancing, but then sometimes its just like the time isnt right for me

And one last fact about me. I am 180cm tall, and 65kg.
(I guess that reveal another fact about me, I like to dream. Its great to have dreams sometimes)

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galaxy0412 said...

if u re 180...
i am also 180cm,60kg with all big muscles on my chest n stomach but not fats, n a very handsome looking face...
p/s: i also like to dream a lot...

luvprada said...

Your height measuring chart should be kecut and give you the reading 180cm

*=*XuAn*=* said...

I was born in 8th Sept,a month before Jiu Huang Ye was born.

Want mie, snakiss makes me so touch now~~~*_*

Siao Kia said...

Believe or not? You look more yeng last time, more like "pai kia" ,with long hair, who "dream to reach 180 cm" but there is a gap...lol

Ji Yan said...

i'm the hottest girl in the world then =.= and lin jun jie is my lao gong hahah wtf

linzaivernon said...

i m 190

vnnie said...

lol...everyone is very concern about the height issue...but u sure u got 65kg???

sN@iL0810 said...

since the height is a fake one.
o, no no no, a not so accurate one

why not for weight? If I told you I am 180 but 55kg muz be way too slim.

Forget to mention something in the post. My waist is 27 inches

Anonymous said...
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