They are sweet ain't they?

He is my father and she is my mum.

28th is her birthday, i wish her a very happy birthday here.

This is a very significant picture for me. I guess i never see my mum and dad will smile together in the pic. And this is the only one.

I love THEM

yes, all of them in my family


ok here is my life now.

I still havent get offer from any university, i know some of u might say "tipu"

But i can show u the proof. And the truth is, i didnt lie and none of the uni actually offer me for their admission.

Final near. I feel quite relax though.

Even though i dun get any admission and the final is apporaching. Guess is because i always got strength from them

Here is my promise, i will work hard and study hard for the final exam. And this is the last post for these four days. Wish me luck :)
My latest assignment, Glory in the Flower by William Inge, i know its not so popular, but we all enjoy the shooting moment. Enjoy

Again, whats wrong with this machine?? I bet many of you who live in Ridzuan condo never mention about this.






I must admit that the Melacca trip was really nice, the people are really nice there. They shop owner will actually comes to you and chat with you like a friend. A very big thanks to Kai Ling cause she willing to come out and become our tour guide. U are GREAT Kai Ling!!! We didnt follow the whole trip schedule but loitering around Jonker street. We visit none of the museum there actually. LOL. But i think all of us enjoy ourselves very much that day. I drank 2 1/2 cendol, two 500ml mineral waters, one tin of 100 PLUS and a lot of stuffs @@
The whole trip is about eat, eat, and eat. And i get to know my frens more and they are great as well. I think i will go pay another visit to Melacca soon ^_^

All the photo shot by my handphone, i am like a N80 photoshooter

On the way to Melacca, look through the map...
They are actually sponsored by DIGI, Sales Marketing I suppose
Quite Indian style decoration right?
Leong in rock hole!!!! HE rocks!! LOL
David: I thought we are coming here to eat???

Leong: The wall looks like my house back in JB
The must try Chicken rice ball in Melacca
Girls shopping are slow~~~~
Leong again =_=''
The paper art
Qing Yun shi (The temple of "Green Cloud")

The delicious Baba Chicken Mee
Jonker street, a lot of cheap stuffs here

Some artistic moment

Probably the best shoot of the day, the water lily
This post is specifically for all JPA scholar who studying in ICPU right now.

You all can check out from Ridzuan on the 15 of June (rather than 6 of June)
Its a good news for everyone cause we dun need to rush back to home right after the exam.

And the information about procedure of applying an VISA is here
The form is also here.

Link of CEC website

Documentation and procedure to apply for a study permit **

Special for "MC gillian"
Guide to apply for the 'CERTIFICAT D' ACCEPTATION DU QUEBEC' (CAQ) and documents required

Go go go, Canada
Nothing special happen, just sitting here and do nothing then blogging
Today is Monday, life has been pretty good recently. (At least i am still living in this world ^_^)
Love all my classes, although i need to do a lot of things recently.
Laziness did crawled over me and i think i had overcome it.
Data Management is quite tricky recently
Law has slow down it pace and we are working on mock trial this few days
4U is doing the CPT and all those literature stuff
Saw a really good picture which bring a big message to all of us

As what taken from Hitz FM, "LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX" its undeniably true, what we want to do since we were given a life here?

Study is actually for knowledge or for result?
I am sure the second option are more preferable.
Knowledge or Exam?
Love book or hate it but need to read it?
Marks on the course or understanding on the course?
Love the teacher or love the marks she/he give?

Sometimes, we tend to take everything for granted and assume that everything is ours. We should actually appreciate with what we have and enjoy each day of our life instead of saying "frust" everyday.

After a life long journey, who are smarter? the one who earn money the most or the one who live life to the max?

I doubt so


some random picture

Life is different with a girl or woman beside u

We wouldnt have such nice big fat noodles if there is no girl in our unit, hail As@ko~~

Mother's day is approaching, i must use this chance to say " I Love U Ma!!"
Wonder when can i speak to her how i love her face to face. Anyway, this is a picture she took when she went to Australia on April. Isn't she cute?
Going to have dinner with her tomolo, hope it will be a great dinner. Guys, do something for the special people in ur life also.
(Note: My mum is the one who are carrying a blue bag, not the blondes behind. I am a 100% chinese)
I am actually not sure what day is today, but it clearly stated that we should wear red to suport the event. And I did.
There was a lot of people in red that day as well. Its what good about college, we are not obligated to wear uniform ^^ Enjoy the pictures

I must sincerely thanks to all people who were supporting me to go for remarking.
Although its a failure, i still appreciate all of u.
Thanks to people who put great expectation on me for I can achieving higher band by remarking my result. Anyway, i made u all dissapointed.
I failed to pull up my mark and it remains.
Maybe its really what i deserve to get and maybe thats whats God give me. I know i should receive it with my heart because its my result after all.
Thanks and thanks again...
I recall what my fren Hong Seng ask me juz now
"what make you so frustrated?"
Epiphany comes to my head.
yea, why i feel so sad? i did try and i have no regret after all?
I lost nothing!!!
I know i must stand up from this incident, after this, i will grow stronger and better than now.
Yes, i will
Sometimes picture really express our feeling well
No words but picture, coz it tells us all what happen now

Language is very important in any part of this world, and the mixing of language will be a joke sometimes, here is what i found.
Funny ei??
I won't tell u all what's going on in the picture and i wont tell u where i found it as well. Enjoy what our multi-cultural country offers us :)
Before Nana's performance

Its kinda like a football team

Taylor's organized a charity concert, its quite fun and i must admit that i did have a great time tht day. The ticket price is RM15 and a part from it is for charity. So i say why not? since my friends are performing and its for charity, i give it a "yes"
Maybe the time for us to be together are getting lesser and lesser, we take more picture than we ever did since we come in ICPU. My friends sing well anyway, good job Nana and Xiao Wei!!!
There was a lot of laughters there, its always great to have friends around u and its fun indeed! I wonder how my life will be without them ^_^

Something worth for a read, take from Mr William class and Kirtti's blog
Before marriage....
He: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait.
She: Do you want me to leave?
He: No! Don't even think about it.
She: Do you love me?
He: Of course! Over and over!
She: Have you ever cheated on me?
He: No! Why are you even asking?
She: Will you kiss me?
He: Every chance I get.
She: Will you hit me?
He: Are you crazy! I'm not that kind of person!
She: Can I trust you?
He: Yes.
She: Darling!
After marriage....
Simply read from bottom to top