See the time below in this post?
If you were my friend, u might left ur jaw open and said
"Lee Lung never wake up so early since i know him"
Anyway, i am now sitting in front of the computer blogging ^^
Just come back from a round of jogging and i brought my dog there. lol
Bring him is a burden, he is not so obedient as he was before.
Today wasnt any big event, i read a book and do something then only i realize that its morning @@
Saw my mum in the kitchen and she said why dun u just go jogging?
Yea, so i did.
Actually i stayed up all night and didnt sleep last night. Just a reminder for people who think that wake up early is an impossible thing to me; yes, it is quite impossible. So wherever there is a special occasion or event, i would rather stay up all night long rather than sleep then wake up in a blur mind status

My theory of life is
"sleep is not meant to be disturbed by any event, even its an important one"

p/s:however i will break it for extremely important one. Looking at students cycling to school is a great one, remind me my old time.

Good morning everyone, Wednesday started!!!

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zhang said...

i also wan jogging leh~~
rather than juz sitting in front the com for whole day~~
but here has no place for me to jog~~ TT

dun stay up whole night leh~~
not good for ur health~~ Xp

linzaivernon said...

finally i know the answer y kopi dont want 'hiu' me today

linzaivernon said...

u could order kopi?