Erm, I think its crucial for u all to know about my result. Coz I wan to use this chance to thank you all who had supported me *touch*
2nd Semester is far more better than 1st semester. (Its not about people, its the result). Anyway, all of the ICPUian are going to separate soon. I will sincerely wish u all can get whatever u wish and pursue ur dream.
Without you all I am nothing. Thanks for people who say
"aiya, sure u will get offer from UBC"
I do appreciate those word because it means so much to me right now.
Something strange happen is that York University send me a letter and tell me that I was rejected for going into that Uni. (Are you kidding??)
Friends, wish me luck and see how things goes
Tomolo is my First Graduation Ceremony. (I am serious, i dun have it in my secondary school)

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nana said...

why simply reject people one? Sienzz

*=*XuAn*=* said...

hoi,didn't u have Graduation ceremony in kindergarten? haha...

Teddy said...

congratz on the results n ui offer

btw, its nothing weird.. its common practice among popular universities, if u get an offer from one, the other will auto-reject u... both of the uni will not offer u at the same time... whoever offers u 1st, tat is the only one u will ever get.. its a competition among certain universities......

congratz again.. cya