Tips for Winter Cloth Buying.
Ok, here is some of my experience of how to buy a winter coat. Or maybe how to buy things to keep u living in those really cold countries. Alright, prelude come first.

I went to accompany my granma for her legs problem. She brought the pain for like one year but now she only go for a treatment.
What I found out there is all the doctors are Indian or Sikh. No malays or Chinese there. Wonder why would it be

See the name? Mohinder? Anyway, if watched Heroes, u will thought he came here to be Cardiologist instead of being a DNA doctor.
Here is my suggestion about how to buy those clothes.
You may need a big one. Means Winter coat. The price for each is around Rm300-RM600.
Girls do have a lot more choices on this one. Guys coat is all very simple design. Nothing to say, coz girls willing to spend more on shoopping. Peace.
You will need an "underwear" also. Not that crocodile, Renoma, or Calvin Klein underwear. You always need those!! But what i trying to say here is a keep-u-warm underwear. The price is like RM129-RM189. Buy those 100% cotton one. If not u will find urself chilling and shivering badly in cold.
For sure, u will need those sweater for u to wear when its not so cold. The price for one is around RM100-RM300
When it comes to which shops are better. I would say Universal Traveller for the time being because it do have an irresistable sale now( I am not the one who cant resist that sale, but the irresistable sale is the sale name itself).
If u buy things over RM500, u will have a RM100 voucher which you can use it directly.
If u buy over RM200, u will have a RM30 deduction on the price.
The sale is end on 1st of June
For Winter Time, there will be a 10% discount if u show your student ID. The things are basically the same with Universal Traveller. Price either.
This one is the more high tech than cotton wool underwear. This one call Inner Thermal Wear made from fibre. Can keep you warm even in the weather of -25C.
cost Rm189

All shopped stuff is here

The sweater

This one is the most expensive winter coat, it had a special design, show u all in the next pic

IT consist of two layer, where u can take off one layer for not so cold weather

I like the bulu bulu thing. It seems warm enough. it can be taken off from the coat also.

The aftermath? No comment

Another out-ing. Trust me, this time is a serious one! I went for the medical check-up of my VISA application. Its wont take long but I would suggest u guys or girls who havent done it prepare for a touch-ur-balls or touch-ur-bb experience.
(Luckily i was told that the doctor will did the private part checking, it did scare the shit out some of people).
Anyway, it was shorter than what I expected. We went to Pavillion afterward. The big part is because Chai Jui's camera need to be taken there for warranty and the small part is I was trying to do some survey on the winter coat price.

Again, some N80 shooting. Was too bored

I found this thing delicious. Available at Pavillion Food Republic

I had never done any tag before. This is the first one. You know, people will do everything when they are boring. So here is it

Part 1 : On the outside
Name : Lee Lung
Date of Birth : October 8
Current Status : Married. Yes I am
Eye Colour :Brown.
Hair Colour : Brown
Righty or Lefty : Lefty.
Zodiac Sign : Libra

Part 2 : On the Inside
Your Heritage : Chinese.
Your Fear : Got betrayed
Your Weakness : Too many weakness

Part 3 : Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up : Its still early
Your bedtime : What time will I wake up tomorrow?
Your most missed memory : The moment of Glory

Part 4 : Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : Coke
McD's or Burger King : Mc'D
Single or Group Dates : Group
Adidas or Nike: Adidas in running, Nike in everything
Lipton Tea or Nestea : Nestea
Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee : Cappuccino

Part 5 :Do You..
Smoke :nope
Curse : ???not sure
Drink : Teh Ais

Part 6 :In the Past Month
Drank alcohol : Yea
Been on stage : Yea
Eaten sushi : Nope
Dyed your hair : Yea

Part 7 : Have You Ever?
Played a stripping game : lol, with friends
Changed who you were to fit in : ????

Part 8 : Age
You're hoping to be married :25-27

Part 9 : In A Guy/GirlBest
Eye colour : Black!
Hair colour : Black.
Short or long hair : I prefer long hair

Part 10 : What Were You Doing?
1 minute ago : What would u say?
1 hour ago : Eating
1 month ago : Final fever!!!
1 year ago : relaxing

Part 11 : Finish The Sentences
I love : everything that worth to be
I miss : a ball yesterday during the basketball match
I need : money

Part 12 :
Tag 6 People : 6 people (TAGGED)

List out 5 presents you wish for :
A Camera
Seriously, i cant think of any right now @@
Quite a lot of out-ing this few weeks. And this is another one. We went to a place name Taman Alam which is a really nice camp site. It located beside a reserved forest and Bukit Melawaiti (The monkey mountain).

The price for using the camp site a night will be RM5 for each person. No camping set provided.

Triangle like camp site.

The other type of dorm

Another side of view

The Europe-like lamp there

We are trying to shoot an album like photo, the lorry ruin the pic @@

All green environment
Paya Bakau there


Learned from Tsuey Xin. lol

Yeah, even i get the chance to reach the mind-ur-head
Another silly pic

Wild life there


Gosh, how does this plant stay alive?

Bouncing bouncing

Couple of the day

Not all of us.
Dedicated to David and Chin Sem who cant make themselves to be here.
I purposely snap some pictures before it is harvested. Enjoy the pic. This is 2008 batch pictures.

This is a new technology which provide an alternative for farmer so that they wont burn the whole harvested paddy field. Which is quite environment friendly actually.

A random post

currently in the stage of preparing myself going into the competition, I dunno how to describe myself now. I try to give my best to this competition because I know this will be my last Taekwondo competition for the next four years.

I thought of not to take Sparring as I think it may hurt me someway, but after some consideration made, i took it as a challenge.

People might say what is Taekwondo?


I will say its a combination of speed, stamina, and strength.

I won and stand as the champion of shuttle run in this competition at 2006. But then i lost to my own brother at 2007. His perfomance was so amazing and I never thought he can did such more better than me.

And now, 2008. I would like to take this challenge again. I train and train and train because of one thing. I wan to win u, YESH, its u? U heard me? Give me your best shot as well.

I hope it will be a nice match.

p/s: people, if u see me walk into Taylor with a sprained leg, no doubt, it was that competition.

Wish me luck man.
A post of IC Renewal
(Please dun blame me for not having a title and use this as title instead, i really dunno why my template dun have the title column)
I dunno why everyday i wake up i will see the clock shown 2.00pm.
Guess my clock have a bit problem :P
But its not!!! i cant wake up in the morning anymore T_T *need to change that*
Anyway, this post is some info about IC renew. I thought its free but it isnt. -_-
IT cost u RM10. Yea yea, no free lunch in this world.
Please do it before u r 24 years old, the penalty for late renewing are so amazing.

Erm, the star shape we did here, i think my look quite obivious here

The pemberitahuan, the officer saw me doing that, i told her i am trying to spred this info to others @_@
The building lo

Girls do like to take photo

But but car+ PKNS

The reward self restaurant
Waterfall restaurant

It taste quite good

They say angel will have a holy light behind them, now i believe that saying