They are sweet ain't they?

He is my father and she is my mum.

28th is her birthday, i wish her a very happy birthday here.

This is a very significant picture for me. I guess i never see my mum and dad will smile together in the pic. And this is the only one.

I love THEM

yes, all of them in my family


ok here is my life now.

I still havent get offer from any university, i know some of u might say "tipu"

But i can show u the proof. And the truth is, i didnt lie and none of the uni actually offer me for their admission.

Final near. I feel quite relax though.

Even though i dun get any admission and the final is apporaching. Guess is because i always got strength from them

Here is my promise, i will work hard and study hard for the final exam. And this is the last post for these four days. Wish me luck :)

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Anonymous said...

I admire your spirit...
which you Always have faith in yourself...
Everything is gonna be fine, I believe.
Let gambateh together yea...
Fighting Fighting Fighting
Fight for our future!!

Wish you LUCK =p


Anonymous said...

All de best....

national lottery said...

Concentrate to the things that could give information to the people.

PehHwa said...


Anonymous said...

dunno national lottery ngap mat

*Cousn Sis* said...

A very sweet pic indeed~
Hope the LOVE will keep growing in the family~

Do your best and leave no regret in life~
All the very best!
God Bless =)

*=*XuAn*=* said...

your mum looks so beautiful in the pic...
but the 'white' leg beside....haha

lai ah fat said...

dont need to be so sad!
i also didnot receive any offer to university after spm, me of coz get no bad result also..haha(secret)!
i now study at tarcollege,penang,
i m so happi here!noe a lot of friends, enjoy my colorful college life!
i think things will be totally different if i ceive any offer to local u!
be strong, new friends!
God give the best for us!

frm new visitor n supporter of ur blog,
lai ah fat

Anonymous said...

U sure can de. U 're Lung boh. Jia you in ur exam and dont forget we still have a match to go.


Dragon Sister said...

wish u good luck
i think later all the uni that u aply will give u the offer ...
muz remember that the best thing always be the latest ...

all the best for ur final exam

Teddy said...

u havent submit the complete set of relevant documents for admission application izit?!

coz the second pic say u need to send the final transcripts somemore..

wait til u submitted then baru they process maybe..

anyway, good luck...

do drop me a message when u get an offer..