A favour for all Canadian JPA scholar 2008

I had done some research about Kem Bumi Jati as well as the BTN

Erm, I think it will be quite fun.

The first day:
We will reach Kem Bumi Jati and separated into dorm.(as in NS).There are 3 rooms in a dorm. 7 double-decker in one room. 2 dorms share a public bathroom.
I dunno whether its a good news or not, the place for we all to bath doesnt have a door. In other word, there is no immaculate bathroom and door equipped bathroom.

For ur information, Muslim will have muslim prayer and non-muslim will have some sort of moral class. Id i am not mistaken, we will have psychical test this day and its like holding-breath-as-long-as-u-can test (as what i suppose, guess from others seniors blog)@@
palm touching floor test, bending test....all those things

Day two:
Handphonessss would be taken and we will all pass a four days without handphone camp.
The lastest batch say they can actually carry hp with them. Its ur choice
The moral session will begin at 5.50am (damn early @@) then it will follow with exercise from 7.00am to 8.00am. ANd then teh tarik time.
After breakfast, we will attend classesssssss about Tanah Air, Rakyat, Kerajaan and Kedaulatan & Rumusan and its 2 hours per session.
We will have aerobic session in the evening as well if the schedule is the same as seniors'

Day three:
8 session of LDK will be scheduled (dun ask me what is it, i dunno as well)
We might be ask to reveal ourselves in front of everyone...bla bla bla
everyone must talk in this session. I like this session personally. Its for personality training purpose, we can see what others think.
It will be a 2km marathon practise or test and your time will be counted for that test.

Day four:
Kembara day. Its an oil-palm-plantation-trekking instead of a jungle one. Anyway, senior do say that its risky and challengable. We will be required to cross three muddy rivers. Either u jump or u will be the one who left out in the opposite bank. Guys will cross first then follow with girls. Dun expect for hugging here, you will be muddy.lol
(A friendly message, bring some old clothes and a pair of old shoes so that u can dispose it after the jungle trekking)

Day five:
Brief session of marching. What I found out is the senior say she regretted for not paying attention for the classes given on day two and she was forced to wake up and crunch all those given books. Will there be a test??? I dunno, better be concerntrate during those classes. This is the last day and I suppose much of photo session going.

Overall, much of the seniors enjoy BTN and they say they did learn something from it. And guys, its our last meet before u all fly!!!! Enjoy each minutes with our friends.

additional information:
there will be a waterfall nearby i suppose.
We might mix with other bound students also. (as what i see in their group description)
Prepare for a hot-like -oven experience
the test will be about common sense,answers are not in the class or the books at all

It will be fun i guess

Some senior pictures

Yea, dun expect for wash dishes machine there, i hate it though @@

The outlook of Kem Bumi Jati

The beds provided

The seniors going in moment, suppose u will see my back in my post about BTN ^^

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super lotto said...

Yutarets! kasagad bah!

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This blog could be more exciting if you can create another topic that everyone can relate on.

Darling@Portia said...

haihz..gonna be 5 long days..better start train myself to jog 2 km now..wake up 5.30 am and use hp and internet as little as possible hehe

Dragon Sister said...

for the jungle treking, we need wear the white shirt, black shoes
if i dont have old black shoes and also white shirt with lengan panjang , then what should do ? i also need to throw all the thing after the jungle treking ?

Jun Sian said...

Wow.. I can see super TOUGH camp is on the way!!