Its late in night and I cant sleep.

Christmas night makes people miss home. And I am here in New York blogging

Merry Christmas people :)

More update on New York trip soon.

When you compare the last year you and this year you,
you will always find a difference, or differences.

Its not until this year that I found I had actually settled down
I am not again acting like a little kid who miss home every moment abroad.
I somehow already get used to what I had here.
Not that I forgot how my previous years were like, but its just that I recognized something new into my life.

Waking up to study, going to class, meet new people is like a daily routine for me here.
Truth to be told, I will definitely miss here if I am gone.
I mean of course there is a reason why Vancouver is one of the best city to live on Earth.

The first year me was a totally novice of how to live out a life here.
Second year I start to get something from what fate had brought me to.
And I am sure for the next year, next next year, I will learn more and more

Like what the proverb said
"Learn for yesterday, live fore today, hope for tomorrow"

I just realize that there is actually someone who hacked into others account trying to get some money from that account owner's friend. Seriously I think the conversation of the hacker is stupid. Like seriously stupid kind of stupid

6:57am Pamela
are you there ?
6:58am Lee
6:58am Pamela
how are you ?
6:58am Lee
pretty good
6:59am Pamela
am not too good
6:59am Lee
having rxam or something?
7:00am Pamela
am stuck in London
got mugged at gun point
7:00am Lee
you at london now?
7:01am Pamela
7:01am Lee
is it like on a vacation or?
7:01am Pamela
all cash,credit card and phone was stolen
7:01am Lee
thats too bad :(
u alone?
7:01am Pamela
7:02am Lee
wow, so u went there alone eh
have u contacted embassy yet?
7:02am Pamela
It was a Brutal Experience but Thank God i still have my life and passport saved
7:02am Lee
yea, it sucks
7:03am Pamela
my return flight leaves in few hours but having troubles sorting out the hotel bills
I need your help /
7:03am Lee
if u still have ur passport why will u got stuck in london?
o, ok
7:03am Pamela
wondering if you could loan me some few $$ to sort out the hotel bills and also take a cab to the airport
I promise to refund you tomorrow please
7:03am Lee
do u think its possible that i will do that for you?
i mean no offence but i duno you at all
7:05am Lee
And i know its a new kind of scam
so fuck off and stop being a jerk trying to get money from other people
cant you get something better to do instead of being such a punk?
You don't have permission to chat with this person.
seriously u need to do better than that
its so stupid

The next thing the hacker blocked me out from talking to the account owner anymore. Poor Pamela.

Post this up so that you guys will be aware of such scam. Sometimes our friend might really need help but please be sure who are we really talking to before we helped.

And so I thought

The day was nice, in fact it was nice for the whole week.
So I went down to Wreck beach to take this picture.
It wasn't an once in a week thing for anyone to go down there (at least for me) because you will need to climb the hell long 473 counted step to get up to University land again.

Some people do it for health, and some for "pleasure on eyesight"
And me, I am for picture.(at least for that day)
Sunset always meant something to me.

Like its the end of the day, but wait, there ARE still tomorrows.
It sort of remind you what you had left out for today and remind you to do it for the sake of tomorrow.

Every second of sunset was precious, you can see everyone staring at the same side of the earth just to indulge every single moment of the beauty.

Just so you know.
Alone could be fun something, it makes you think.
especially before the very moment of breaking down. :)

Beyond the sunset, there is where you will find me.
And I know every after sunset, I get nearer to my goals.
Petanque is probably one of the least famous sport througout the world.

But it is one of the most challenging sport as well.
It needs a lot of focus and dedication onto the game, once you missed a step, you lost. Its that simple.

I remember the first time I step into petanque field is when I was still in form 1

It so weird when you saw bunch of people are trying to throw metal boule to near a plastic Jack.
I used to say its probably one of the worst sports you can play in life

The whole rules is ,you cant move, you cant step out of the small circle that is only as large as ur two feet, you cant use leg and you cant jump.

Then I got into the school team and practice this sports everyday. It was so boring.

Until when I finally realize the theory of it, I found that it actually carries a lot of things related to your life.
It really open my eyes when I was in the Malaysia open 2007

It taught me how to make plans and calm down when something goes wrong in life. I was the one who knock the opponent's boule when the boule come into our way to get near our target.

The moment of throwing the boule away from you is hard.
Mentally, its like you are having thousand of things racing in ur mind.
The feeling is beyond words. Its crucial sometimes as well because you lost the target, you lost the whole game.

Theorectically, you are holding and palm-size metal ball and you are trying to knock away the other palm-size ball which is like 10 m from you.

Ignoring the damn big sun you are under when you are playing, you will still need to count and speculate which angle you will need to shoot the ball so that it wont spoil the whole plan.
Its hard.

Chance is there, but it depends on whether or not you can hit it.

Same as life, chances are there, grab it or lost it.

I am having this problem of producing three in a Canadian way

When I was in class, I said three and people will say "what?"

Then I say again "THREE"
*shaking my tounge when I was saying the word*
Again, "what?"
I swear at that moment I would like to shout out "p"

But I didnt for sure, I was in a class anyway.

I realize that this is my own problem when I went to an aquarium shop
I said:
"I am sorry but I want to get three fishes"
"There are two in there."
"No, I mean three"
"There are already two inside!"

So I take off my shoes and show him how to count finger.
My left hand middle finger, right hand middle finger, and my left leg middle finger

He understood me immediately. I am so proud

Ever had an exam that you got absolutely no enough time to finish it?
I am not a very bright student in every class I would say
but the only good thing about me is I am fast.
I cant hardly recall any of it that I cant finish on time and not leaving early

The exam is totally ridiculously ironically purposely sally made up.
Even the professor was telling us that:" For sure you guys wouldn't be able to finish the exam, so DO the part that YOU THINK you will do most well."
but whats the point?
So there it is, 5 question, consists of at least 12 sub questions for each
total up 150 marks.
And my prediction would be that no one can get higher than 50% for the test.

By the way, the feeling of having only done half of the paper and hearing "10 minutes left" really boost you up to a level than you can never imagine. You will speed up real fast.

For one second you were still at the first half of the exam paper, the next you had done crapping for the rest of the paper.

But what the heck eh?
I finally had it today :)
Its funny when its Halloween,

You feel weird by wearing normal cloth going around the street

Cause everyone beside you are someone! They are all "someone" that you know.

Even taking a bus might make you feel weird :S

The fact is, this is the day that I will have one more hours to sleep or do my stuff.

But I happen to think that what if I died in one of the Daylight Savings Time months and never got that hour back?

Wouldn't that be depressing?

It would be for me at least :(

The ironic things happen when you are abroad is that

You make comparison.

But I find it particularly funny that when I am here, I tend to hate those things that I like back in Malaysia.

I like raining in Malaysia but not here
I like cold weather in Malaysia but not here
I like to go out and run during cloudy period but not here
I like to go out at night yam cha but not here

And the list goes on and on and on

But still, I am proud to say that food and sleep is so much loved for every places I have been in this world.
p/s:Its the other version of the kissing fish picture, yes Its different!
Ok, so the fact is, i did went for a haircut


I did shave my hair

Well, yes I did

For some part.

Life is good for the moment, will inform u guys when its not

Havent run track for like almost a week now, how i miss thee.
The damn weather just wouldnt be warmer for me to run.
Some place start snowing already.

The very very bad thing about DSLR is, its hard to take ur own photo. Self-taken is even harder than taking a drumstick on your hand.

Good luck people :)

A letter for you guys :)

Surprisingly, I am the second who turn to 20 finally eventhough we edi flipped 9 pages of the calendar.Obviously we are all late born babies, take away the account that "some"people who were borned on 1990. We dun reallly care, are we? lol

Thats why we call snakiss and not horsekiss.
btw, horsekiss sounds so terrible.Its true that we know each other such a long period.

We did so much thing together. Like really a lot and a lot.
We had actually reached a level that no one can get into in each other's heart.
If one new guy appear in my life and say "hello, can i be in there?"
I will definitely say no: "This is reserved, for them"
By them I mean you all.

We can do so many thing together that we couldn't with any of our new friend in our life.
Cause the bond is so strong that we couldnt do something without that some special person beside us.

I know vchin for like what? 18 years? We had been growing up together and its like he and me is a family. (yes we are)

Turning 20 is like the greatest turning point in my life.
Having ur age starting with two, means that you can no longer be the 1st one in people's priority care list because you are old now, you should be able to take care of urself instead of hoping others to take care of you.
Having ur age start with the figure 2, means that its time to find the other one in ur life and start a real relationship with him or her.
Though I know I am the only one who looking for a "her". lol.
Its not like sweet 16, 17 ,18,19 anymore. The favor slowly change to sour and bitter.
We all need to go through things that we dun like but we must been through to grow up. We are adult now and we are responsible for everything we had done, doing, and will do in the not so far future.

We all had so much diferences but yet we are so similar in a way that we love each other and care each other so much.
I had so much time well spent with you guys and seriously if the time would just stop for one second for me to reminiscence, I would hope that I can spend that one second with you guys.
Not even a milisecond I would willing to waste on that golden chance. I promise.

A friend doesnt need to be equipped with lots of thing, the most important to have is your ear, eyes, and most impotantly your heart.
Even if another and another and another more 20 years had come, I hope that we will still be friends. No matter what had happened. Tsunami, earthquack or cornflake. We, you, me, him, her and we, will still be, FRIENDS.

I had gave so much love into this relationship. I can't afford to lost anyone of you in my page of life. I got no eraser for my page of life, so once you are in the list, you will always be in.
And I hope this will last long enough :)

Get ready for the striking of 20th for the rest who havent been in the Twenties club. Soon enough you will be.

The three wishes I am going to have this year is

Everyone find the true love in their life.
All my wishes will come true
And the last one I will keep for myself

With much love I couldn't possibly written out here,
I really wanted to sleep. But I cant after reading this e-mail
I am so truly touched when I finish reading the email. It definitely make my day and I will keep it till the very end of my life.

I always want to bring changes to others' life, and I wish that I could change others. Doing so make me feel good. There is nothing better in this world than helping others.

It really glad to have someone you know that cares about you and you actually occupied a special place in his/her heart.

It doesnt need to be a big bouquet of flowers or a big luxurious present.

An email, is already more than enough
Thx about the email, it really is the best present I have had so far.

Really, Thank you.

"Sometimes, i wonder about how we become friends and how do we maintain it for so long. It is quite unbelievable that we can become friends if we account the differences of our personalities.

Still remember, i was juz tat kind of people who always secluded myself when i was in form 1 and form 2. Lol
I think the beginning of our friendship is all thanks to taekwondo. It was taekwondo that we start to know each other.

And then, dota even brought us closer together. Because of it, we have a common hobby, we hang out together more, and we juz became even more like friends.

So far in my life, there are few birthdays that are memorable for me. One of them happened when we were both in form 1. You might forget about it already
though. In the class, you suddenly called my name and wished me happy birthday. That was quite a surprise. In truth, you were the onli one who wish me happy birthday. Not to mention, we hardly talk to each other at those days. I appreciate it very much.

Indeed, your presence has a certain meaning in my life.

In this special day of yours, i want to wish u HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Friendship forever:)P.S.Haha. There must be quite some grammatical errors. Long time no write essay liao, so juz bear wif it:)

I write this essay because i suddenly think of the past and feel so nostalgic about it. Mayb because the older people grown, the more people want to back to the past. Have a good day:)"

Recently I come out with the idea that I need to do something special for my 20th birthday.

At first I thought of presenting myself a tattoo on my leg (calf muscle more specifically).
I figure that it would be a great idea that against all odds, I manage to get into the track team of UBC
It seems pretty cool to have a tattoo on the leg too since I like running so much and it sounds so perfect for me!

Then I asked my dearest in my life about their opinion, not surprisingly, they all say no
So I try to find another alternative to do in this significant (well, at least for me) twentieth birthday.

And she come out with the idea that I should shave my head and mark my 20 years in this earth.
What do you think, if a lot of people say yes, I will actually go for it
If you asked whats the biggest thing changed in my life so far after one year i came here.
This will definitely be it
I used to hate it so much and asked why people like to eat sour rice so much and willing to spend so much on it? Its just expired and cold rice afterall

But it turns out I was wrong for so long, it taste good!
Or it taste really really good.
I thought it was like girls' hobby to eat sour rice but now I am one of them.

some moment to share. Love you guys :)
I had a lot of fun

As I keep training, I felt like I am not competing with others anymore
Instead I am trying to find for a breakthrough point for myself that is not far

In fact, I am challenging myself to go faster and faster each time if i am able to do so.
You can win anyone in this world if you train hard enough.
But you can never win urself.

When you do have this thought, the intention to win is not the drive anymore, therefore you will keep on improving.

I am toeing the line now, and waiting for the chance

When the time comes, i will give my best. And strikes
So people had asked
What makes you choose psychology,

I replied: Nothing, I wish to know myself more, thats why I choose it as my major.
Havent know myself enough, I wouldnt dare to know others more.

Life is good so far, no homesick yet, tonnes of travelling plans and lots of things to learn
Except that the bloody $2000+ rent need to due a day after my birthday.

I am so glad that UBC actually have its own oval now, I am running like everyday there.
What best in life?
Its when you can do things that you love whenever u want to.

If you never do what you love, you will never love what you do. Thats the fact of life.
Life sucks, big time
So Its time to take the bull by the horn and face the music.

Today mark the end of Summer, Be ready for the coldness people!
Reading those news really freak me out,

For one second this guy, fren, family member or even lover is still in front of you and functioning perfectly answering every of your question. But for the next, he/she is gone.

Not that they leave for short, but that is, forever.

The words forever is just too cruel for me. Left aside our own feeling, think about how's the feeling of others toward that incident?

We can always say "God always take the best from us"

But does He really?

We are all living in a real sordid world where we dun even know what will happen to us the next day. Or maybe the next second precisely

I know I am being sentimental here, but who else doen't when something bad come into their life?

Life is weak and unprecedent and so is death.

Appreciate ur life before god-know-who took it away from you and force you to do so.
I am sure that there is some time of our life that we will start thinking, hey! I am getting older.

For me, I think its now.
I wake up before seven everyday. Its a sign or what?

Or its just because I sleep 8pm everyday?

Can someone tell me?
One thing i know i will be doing in the next few months will be, studying

And of course, back to the blogging routine.
I am all ready to go now.
Whats packed? Mind is packed, luggage is, and I am.

O, Sekinchan, How i love theeee
I will miss you.

Its a long day, but still

Missions accomplished.
Life has been busy for the pass two weeks I reached Malaysia. A lot of outing and gathering for the pass two weeks and I believe more are coming.

To sum up the Hong Kong trip, I would say its fun. But I missed out the casino part in Macau and I think I will go there again with my family.

And for the Bangkok trip, it was awesome, despite of not seeing them for like 8 months. We are still good fren and we are still as cool as we were before.

Well, Thanks for reading the blog. Might not update as often as I did when I was in Canada. Wont be wasting my summer break by just surfing the net. Might as well stay in Vancouver if I did just that eh?

Happy summer break people!

I am just too lazy to blog about the later trip.
Sorry about that.
I promise I will update it after I collect all of the pictures.
There is one thing I can say about HK to you all now.
HK is a shopping paradise yes, but its if only u are willing to spend more on it.

Thats all.

Stay tuned guys :)
For more pictures can go see my facebook photo

Going back in two days!
The deal is, we need to wear mask to prevent from taking Swine flu back with us. We cancel our plan for visiting some of the attraction because we are aware that we must keep ourself healthy from time to time. Do our best to not falling sick.

What to do?
Pig flu make us dun even have the right to breath fresh air.
I hate swine flu.

Its day two and after some discussion of how will we try our best to minimize the chances of infected with swine flu.
This swine flu did really affected my mood of staying here.
And seriously, I even feel like going home.
But wth eh?
Who can actually be here when there is a flu outbreak?
Its like the only chances in ten years.
SARS i am not here, Bird flu I am not here

But hey! I am here for swine flu.

So we went to Madame Tussaud's wax museum.
It was fun. And here are some pictures to share.

This is for those who think that I am too thin for six pack. Yes, I am not

Lang Lang feel touching by hearing me playing piano.

One of the good thing about wax museum is, they are moulded base one 1:1 ratio. And you can compare ur height with them.
And he is one of my favourite in the museum.
And he is shorter than me

Hong Kong night view is fantastic. I bet you can hardly find any other one in the world.
Its just so amazing that you will be drunk by just looking at it for more than 30 minutes.

I am boring with Hong Kong food already. Any other food suggestion?
Well, Malaysia food is still the best.
Day 1 in Hong Kong

The first impression is hot. Like real hot.
Not that kind of sexually attrative hot but its big sun burnly hot.

The first thing is, surely Ice tea.

And I had like two in a row for the day. It was nice

The shopping centre and stores are crazy here, people actually queueing up for branded stuff more than they queueing for toilet.
Guess they have a lot to spend here.
And who is the one who told me branded stuff is cheaper here? Shit, I was cheated.
Its actually more expensive. Dun ask me about shopping anymore.

Like usual stuff. I take picture with him. Or should I say he take it with me?
Bruce Lee. Arena of stars

The view is great here, we spend the whole day walking and believe it or not, we walked like 30km for the whole day. And we pretty much covered the whole Tsim Sha Zui and Mong Kok.

I swear, I am not people who coming and hoping to get laid here. I am innocent, I just found this ads board interesting as it seem.

Its not like I havent get much time to get to know about Hong Kong even if I am here for only a short day. The thing is. I did.
I learn quite an important thing in HK.
The culture is just so deeply rooted in us.

Yes, Hong Kong feet, I smelled it even before I had got the chance to explore Hong Kong.
And yea, something come in between me and this Hong Kong trip, and that is?

Frust, I hate Swine Influenze.

SKC got dengue, Hong Kong got Swine influenza, Vancouver got homocide, Thailand got riot, Indonesia got bomb,, KL got robbing cases, and Sarawak got Lee Lung.
wtf, where should I go.
Remember since the first day I reached here
Started from three figure.
Then two, then start with 1.
Then here it is
8 more days then I will be home.
Fly away from studies, and enjoy my life.

Happy Summer people :)

Some of us even get an erection because of the long waited excitement.

With an ice-cream on the hand means that.
Spring, is here
No more coldness and small pXXXses.

And no more Seasonal Affective Syndrome.

Flowers are everywhere.

My fren come ove this few days before we all depart to Hong Kong, and so I took him to some Vancouver so called "attraction".
It was fun.

And yes, i go and kiss the fish again.

Did I told you I owned a Lamborghini?

Yes I do.

Days are near, few more days from going back home. :)

Its one month load of laundry here. Guess its the last time for laundry for the end of this term.

Few days ago I went and checked whether there is yet naked people at Wreck beach or not.
The result is, as some wolves might want to know but lazy to climb own
-drumroll please-
Its not easy to go down to the beach since u need to climb down like 400+ ladders to and climb up again to the origin point to UBC.
My gastrocnemius (俗称小腿) muscle now suffering overstretching pain because I tried to run up to the top within 10 minutes.
Well, thats the pain you need to endure if u wish to see *cough cough* naked peoples
Or should I say naked old people.

If you see me around, you will probably see my duck-like walking style to prevent further stretch of my gastrocnemius muscle.

I even feel that the seagulls like to apporach me now. Maybe they think I am one of their kind.
Well, I know writing this post will make many of you annoyed.
But I think I NEED to write it anyway

Waiting. A hard lesson learnt here
Seriously, I had never wait so much in my life before I came here
I heard numerous of :" Its ok to wait a while la, many people ma."

And yes I did.
Sometimes 10 minutes, 20 minutes and even one hour.
Note that 10minutes is the least time I had ever wait.

Not that I am on time everyday.
But I swear that I never will let someone wait me and ignore that that people had actually waited me

Is it so ok to be late sometimes?
The point I want to clarify here is, its not the current event that make me write this post. Ever boiling water in your time? I am at the limit of exploding off and people keep on heating on me.
Yes, I do have limit too

What's worse is,
Its not that I set the time for everything. Its not me.
So people who set the time should be on time. AM I BEING RIDICULOUS HERE?

And here come the story of my life,
When people ask for your help to bring them to buy things.
And I let them set the time.
Its not like I want to buy. But its out of the intention of helping them.
And I asked them to propose a time.

And yeah, time set
And then late again.

You are the one who want to go, you set the time, and you come late.
You play the whole game. Me being the fool.

Its so fucking not ok when you let someone waiting and you never feel guilty about it ok?
*I think its the first fuck ever in my blog, to show how serious I am in this case

After all, why should I devoted my precious time to wait people?