A post of IC Renewal
(Please dun blame me for not having a title and use this as title instead, i really dunno why my template dun have the title column)
I dunno why everyday i wake up i will see the clock shown 2.00pm.
Guess my clock have a bit problem :P
But its not!!! i cant wake up in the morning anymore T_T *need to change that*
Anyway, this post is some info about IC renew. I thought its free but it isnt. -_-
IT cost u RM10. Yea yea, no free lunch in this world.
Please do it before u r 24 years old, the penalty for late renewing are so amazing.

Erm, the star shape we did here, i think my look quite obivious here

The pemberitahuan, the officer saw me doing that, i told her i am trying to spred this info to others @_@
The building lo

Girls do like to take photo

But but car+ PKNS

The reward self restaurant
Waterfall restaurant

It taste quite good

They say angel will have a holy light behind them, now i believe that saying

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