Walking down the road today I think to myself. Is there really such thing as unconditional love? Not being religion wise here but really is there any?

I would say the love to self is really the only unconditional one. Whatever you do, you will still love yourself. Even for those who totured themselves to dead, they are still doing it out of love because of the belief of toturing will bring them to who-knows-where. We cant love others more than we love ourself. At least thats what i think.

I know what I want in my life. But still, I constantly questioning about this. I examined myself everyday for I am not a perfect person and I know I never will. I know exactly the dos and don'ts for me to reach the goal of my life. But still sometimes I will do the don'ts because I know if I do enough of dos, eventually I will still get what I want. I never surrender to the word impossible.
If tomorrow never comes, I will still be glad because I have did enough of my part today.

Things start to change since I came here. I realized a lot of things doesnt really matter to me anymore. I can have this momentary happiness feeling grow from seeing people acting nice to others but as I take another glance looking deeper inside the intention I realized its all fake. As much as I feel like leaving this place for good but still I love this place. Its like how hard to get you to go jogging but on the halfway of jogging you will start to love it. This time of my life does have its purpose on me. We all were borned with questions. And what we do is to answer every question in life that we had.
I finally learned to not take marks as something that matters so much in life, rather I value the knowledge that I take home. I know in the future what I want is not about how much I scored for the test but how well I know about how this world operates.

I am a fond believer of discipline myself and acting kind to the other people. So I will jump out from this physical me and start to analyze everything I did. For better or worse, at least I tried.
I believe somehow there is someone that destined a path for us. And what we have to do is to find out where is it and walk till the very end.

But human are 'wierd', truth is only for those who choose to believe it. We all choose what we want to believe in life dun we? In that way we will feel so much better than having to believe something that is incongruent with our innate beliefs.

Its fall season now, the weather is getting colder as how my mind is now.
You have no sun, no squirrels, no T-shirt, no picnic, no leaves, no flowers. But what can you expect? Its NOvember!
Only when the road are full with leaves then we start to realized how amazing those trees used to be. It takes us three seasons to really look up to the sky and start to appreciate the nature around us.

They say autumn is the time of harvest, and I am. For knowledge.

I love autumn because of the smells that you can see and the vision u can sniff.
Its fall season. With death comes reincarnation. Its a new start for everything.

Ray Fredman is a bright student. He scores almost all A's in his classes. He knows exactly whats good in him and whats not good in him. For those thing that he is bad at, he doesnt even bother trying to improve it. Being specific is what counts, being a know-all-but-average-people is probably the last thing he would try to do in this world.

Then comes Dong Sheng, he is from rural area. He believe that not everything one knows need be spoken aloud. Being raise in a single minded peasant society, he got no dreams and no vision. For him, being simple is the best thing you could ever have in this world. In fact, he couldn't afford to be not simple because of the limitation of his surrounding

Chung Yong is a brilliant male in sports. He knows only the language of "I am better" and "I am the best", winning or losing is a vital matter. Winning is attributed to own ability and losing is the cause of environment. For he is, probably the best in everything you can imagine in this world.

Mariam is a computer genius, he follow a systematic rule in his life. Waking up at 7 o'clock in the morning and sleep at 12am. The only thing that differentiate him with a machine is that he consume food while machine only consume oil or electricity.

Benjamin is a soccer fans. He is an atheist. Wind is the best noun to describe him. Whenever there is the present of cinders, he is there to spark the fire up. He likes to help people. But he doesnt like to take up the responsibility. For him, taking advantage of someone is nothing. He believing in throwing-things-to-others-to-keep-your-arse-clean.

These five peoples made up a community. In fact, they can represent the whole society. You might think some of them are not desirable traits but are they really? At some point of our life we will have to choose sides. No matter which side you choose, you gave up the other. And there is no one can tell you which side is the correct one except yourself.

Self is the easiest thing to please, by saying a lie, our heart will automatically subside. And make itself believe what just happened was justifiable.

If you are not happy with someone else attitude up their, you have no right to blame it on them. Because in this world, there must be someone who particular like that attitude.
If there is a person to blame, that would be you, for not tolerate enough

Its not possible to reach a point where right or wrong were replaced by a single concept

In fact, all we had was soy sauce in here, just different method of extraction.