Good news

Once I came back home, i sit down and check all those letter

MC gill--->refuse because academic requirement not met :( I made a mistake when i was applying McGill, I thought I am eligible for Bachelor os Science

York---> We are please to offer u Bachelor of Art.......and the Scholarship is....

YEAH! Finally i get something to backup in case i dun get any offer from UBC. OUAC is not so accurate actually :(

Anyway, I am happy cause in case I dun get offer from UBC, I can go York U instead. York U has a quite good reputation on psychology.


I actually met the hochak host when i was eating bak kut teh with my housemate on 30th of June (late post)

yea, 100% is him, i saw his working ID name is Chia Seng Wee. lol, juz a small encounter in my life.

2 shell(s):

xiaowei said...

hey!!! let's go to York together!!!

Teddy said...

congratz on the offer.. hehe

B.Sc? u want science pulak?!

hahaa.. i tot u said want Psychology..

anyway, happy u got the offer..