Of the fourth Aiport.

Finally, my blog start to say about some pretty formal thing. I think this is like the first ever commentary on a serious issue in Malaysia

To build the fourth or not to build the fourth airport in Malaysia.
That's the question

Frankly, I cant tell u that whether I am for or against it. Pardon me for having less knowledge about what actually happen in Malaysia.

But what I know is this.

It creates a big controversy in Malaysia
Some people even create an online campaign to boycott AirAsia
One side is saying that they have no enough space to operate their flight system.
And the other one say that the space is more than enough for them to do it and its a waste of money if the airport was made.

First thing I want to say here is I respect the decision of Tony Fernandes of actually showing those statistic to his customers as a response to all those critics on the plan of building KLIA-East Labu airport. At least he did make something when he knows things doesnt seems right and people are against him. Even the formerly Prime Minister is against him.

But this is a point to make, he is brave, thoughtful, yet brilliant.
At least we doesnt get any statistic or what ever spending budget when the government build an so called "Istana" or those mansion of currupted polictician.

So here is the second one, Tony Fernandes says that the funding of the construction will be private funded. Which means not a single cent of people's tax will be used on it.
I ponder on this issue. If a people want to use his money to build a place for public good. Why is his intention become a bad one?

And here is the critic from fomerly Prime Minister
I would quote him on this one
"The site is 10 kilometers from KLIA. I had some experience of landing a small jet plane, so I can speak with a little knowledge. The approach speed of a big jet is between 300 to 400 kph. or it would cover the 10km in slightly less than 2 minutes."
"Will the plane taxi 10km to Labu to disembark the passengers, pick up new passenger and then taxi 10km to the runway in KLIA to take off?"
Yes, he has his point, I would say that his word did make sense. No one would want to go back and forth because of the stupid landing and operating system.

The motive of Air Asia is
"Now everyone can fly"
Now a side of the people are doubting their intention of building the airport. For sure, some will defense against it.
Some say Tony is trying to make more money.
But isnt it thats what a business man should do?

Some say the plan is good and it will bring some good to the public
But do they actually understand everything about the construction of the airport?

The most important things under this issue is this.
AirAsia actually already get the approval for the construction by government.

In the end, customer is the main concern of the business, who dun wan to get cheaper airfare?
How many of the flying dream has been fullfilled by AirAsia?
What is the ratio of I was in AirAsia plane before: I was in MAS plane before?

Those are the questions I threw to you all to ponder

The last point I want to make is.
To those who against the construction of the Labu airport. Dun ever take AirAsia again in ur life
Even those zero fair promotion are going on.

To those who support the construction of the Labu airport. Never ever say "I know long time ago liao de la, it cant work de ma" to your friend. Keep in mind that you are one of the culprit who support the construction.

At last, citizens should hold the priority of whatever decision made the government. If its for the good of people. Go for it

If it isnt, fight against it
I thought there will be the light of hope for this term. But apparently there isnt any
I am getting busier for this term.

Homeworks and assignment are piling up!!!

Just a quick update

I am quite busy recently

I will be having
2 essay due and one midterm exam tomorrow
2 mid term on the first day of Chinese New Year
1 other test on the second day of Chinese New Year
2 online quiz to do
1 online homework
1 presentation on the fourth day of Chinese New Year

Do the math yourself

Bless me.

At last, i want to shout out a word
Cant see the word on that shirt?
scroll down

Yeah, by the way, I am very happy and feeling contented right now. Its just for fun

Thanks for people who were giving me support.

And for you-know-who-you-are
You are a nice friend, sister, confidant, and a great mentor for me !
now and always.
Since I start picking up running as sport till I am here now.
Really appreciate it.

I think I will start running again. =)
I felt better now

Thank you
I think I am still not ready

And the fact is, I had never been
I never take the four years as a serious one ever since the first day I saw the word

If you said I had been given a good chance to be here and stand on this ground and I should appreciate what I have got.
I will tell you
"I already had enough of it, perhaps its actually more than you can think of"

What if I said I am out of here?
What if I said goodbye Vancouver?

Take me as a laughing stock, I dun care

Because what I want is my life back.

My pride, my glory, my legacy

I dunno why the blue feeling strike me so hard.

I feel like I am not me anymore.
The passion of life has gone.

far away

I am so dead and I can feel nothing right now.
The weather is cold and I already forget when was the last time I feel contented to myself.

Still, my nose will be painful when the weather gets too cold.
Still, I think here doesnt suit me well.
And still, I can't convince myself that I will stay here for four years.

This is the reason why I start to explore as many places as I can in Canada last term.
I scare I won't have the chance to do it afterward.

I miss the feeling of sweating under hot sun
I miss the feeling of getting home and having those warm well boiled soup on the dining table.

I am not sure since when I start to only look down on the road when I was walking.
I have a sense of insecure here which makes me feel like I am inferior among people here.

The used to be on top and happy go lucky me diminished in myself.

sorry if I did any you-might-feel-wrong-choice here.

I am just so not Canadian

I am down.

And I really am.
I can't believe that I actually spoke out this at last.

The fact is,

I am not enjoying for being able to come here to study.

It sucks.

Big time

When all my classes for the day has ended. I feel like not going home by walking because of the terrible weather in Vancouver
So I choose to take the shuttle bus to go back to my rez and save that slippery and dangerous 15 mins walk back home.

It is kinda new to me because I never take a shuttle bus to go back to my rez before.

So just when I was on the bus, an old lady approached me and asked me
"Whats your name, young man?"
"My name is Lung, Whats your?"

She is in her seventies, I was wondering what is she doing here in UBC, so I asked

"So what makes you here?"
"O, I was here to swim"

Yup, I was shocked at that moment like you did.

"Wow, thats great! When did u start swimming?"
"Actually I just start today"
"Why will u suddenly have the thought to learn swimming?"
"Well, life is short and sometimes we have got to do something we like before we couldn't. I doesnt have much time for myself when I was young, but now I had. So now I start to do things I like."

Her words stunned me. Feel like every bad things in my life is gone. I saw hope on her.
And most importantly, I saw a life on her.

Just when we were talking, a little boy approached to the bus and ask the bus driver

"Does this bus go to UBC?"
The bus driver replied
"Young boy, I think we are already there!"

The boy is so cute and I laughed from the bottom of my heart when I saw his cute yet chubby little face.

That makes my day. And all of that happened in the bus swept away all the bad memories of mine few months ago.

The world is still so big for us to discover and life is meant to be happy.
I was once told that if I could use my enthusiastic toward sport onto study, I sure will did well in my exam.
And here I am, ready for the new year and new term.
Life is simple, live it or quit it
And yeah, I am filled with passion right now.