Tips for Winter Cloth Buying.
Ok, here is some of my experience of how to buy a winter coat. Or maybe how to buy things to keep u living in those really cold countries. Alright, prelude come first.

I went to accompany my granma for her legs problem. She brought the pain for like one year but now she only go for a treatment.
What I found out there is all the doctors are Indian or Sikh. No malays or Chinese there. Wonder why would it be

See the name? Mohinder? Anyway, if watched Heroes, u will thought he came here to be Cardiologist instead of being a DNA doctor.
Here is my suggestion about how to buy those clothes.
You may need a big one. Means Winter coat. The price for each is around Rm300-RM600.
Girls do have a lot more choices on this one. Guys coat is all very simple design. Nothing to say, coz girls willing to spend more on shoopping. Peace.
You will need an "underwear" also. Not that crocodile, Renoma, or Calvin Klein underwear. You always need those!! But what i trying to say here is a keep-u-warm underwear. The price is like RM129-RM189. Buy those 100% cotton one. If not u will find urself chilling and shivering badly in cold.
For sure, u will need those sweater for u to wear when its not so cold. The price for one is around RM100-RM300
When it comes to which shops are better. I would say Universal Traveller for the time being because it do have an irresistable sale now( I am not the one who cant resist that sale, but the irresistable sale is the sale name itself).
If u buy things over RM500, u will have a RM100 voucher which you can use it directly.
If u buy over RM200, u will have a RM30 deduction on the price.
The sale is end on 1st of June
For Winter Time, there will be a 10% discount if u show your student ID. The things are basically the same with Universal Traveller. Price either.
This one is the more high tech than cotton wool underwear. This one call Inner Thermal Wear made from fibre. Can keep you warm even in the weather of -25C.
cost Rm189

All shopped stuff is here

The sweater

This one is the most expensive winter coat, it had a special design, show u all in the next pic

IT consist of two layer, where u can take off one layer for not so cold weather

I like the bulu bulu thing. It seems warm enough. it can be taken off from the coat also.

The aftermath? No comment

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