So I went back from this 4th Malaysian Student Leaders Summit held in Nikko hotel.
I didnt gave much of thoughts before entering this conference nor reasearch anything about it.
But the fact is I did enjoy it.

It brought up those "sensitive" issues that are so crucial and critical for this country. I rarely blink my eyes because once your mind got taken away, you will be missing out a lot in occasion like this.

"He" told us he doesnt have the historical luggage and he lives in the realm of reality.Another "he" says he is not racist and he loves us all.And the third "he" comes out and say the people are fedup and tired of racial political.But they all do agree on one thing, WE NEED A CHANGE.

I have friends of different races, but we never talked about how unequally we are being treated, because we know thats something we were borned with so we learn to accept it.

But deep down inside, YES, we know something is not right and we need to fix it. And by we I mean the future we by the time we put our feet in this circle.

To be frank, I would very much like to go up to the front and ask three of them. Would any of them ever be willing to take me (a chinese) as their son and treated me as the same as their owns.

For that is, the greatest love one can give. If they say yes to this, I am so sure that nothing will ever be the problem again.

As long as the problem of unity has not reach, the steelyard, I believe, will still be balancing itself with unequal arms length.

And as long as I feel the strangeness of being addressed by others a "chinese" instead of a "Malaysian"

I sincerely believe, we still have so much more yet to overcome.

1Malaysia. Good luck.