Reading those news really freak me out,

For one second this guy, fren, family member or even lover is still in front of you and functioning perfectly answering every of your question. But for the next, he/she is gone.

Not that they leave for short, but that is, forever.

The words forever is just too cruel for me. Left aside our own feeling, think about how's the feeling of others toward that incident?

We can always say "God always take the best from us"

But does He really?

We are all living in a real sordid world where we dun even know what will happen to us the next day. Or maybe the next second precisely

I know I am being sentimental here, but who else doen't when something bad come into their life?

Life is weak and unprecedent and so is death.

Appreciate ur life before god-know-who took it away from you and force you to do so.

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