Well, I know writing this post will make many of you annoyed.
But I think I NEED to write it anyway

Waiting. A hard lesson learnt here
Seriously, I had never wait so much in my life before I came here
I heard numerous of :" Its ok to wait a while la, many people ma."

And yes I did.
Sometimes 10 minutes, 20 minutes and even one hour.
Note that 10minutes is the least time I had ever wait.

Not that I am on time everyday.
But I swear that I never will let someone wait me and ignore that that people had actually waited me

Is it so ok to be late sometimes?
The point I want to clarify here is, its not the current event that make me write this post. Ever boiling water in your time? I am at the limit of exploding off and people keep on heating on me.
Yes, I do have limit too

What's worse is,
Its not that I set the time for everything. Its not me.
So people who set the time should be on time. AM I BEING RIDICULOUS HERE?

And here come the story of my life,
When people ask for your help to bring them to buy things.
And I let them set the time.
Its not like I want to buy. But its out of the intention of helping them.
And I asked them to propose a time.

And yeah, time set
And then late again.

You are the one who want to go, you set the time, and you come late.
You play the whole game. Me being the fool.

Its so fucking not ok when you let someone waiting and you never feel guilty about it ok?
*I think its the first fuck ever in my blog, to show how serious I am in this case

After all, why should I devoted my precious time to wait people?

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Ying Xuan said...

i hate ppl being nt punctual also...
NZ ppl also like that...luckily my fren mostly asian...haha chill la

linzaivernon said...

y put the clock?
it symbolize punctuality

Leonard said...

eh, sorry aa, i know i am the one being selfish!! Next time i will try to be punctual, but for other ppl i donno oo.

sN@iL0810 said...

ly, dun take it so serious also. Nothing liao la. Was quite annoyed that time. But then afterward i ok liao de. Just wan to write it out.

Dailou said...


Anonymous said...

Being late, simply means one doesnt really care or serious on that particular outing, appointment or whatsoever unless certain circumstances that prevent him/her to be there on time.

So at the end of the day, it is the matter of if you willing to waste your time on such fellow, you think you have nothing better to do than waiting for people who dont really care, or you might thought you have 48hours a day.

Play smart is the way you need to do if you insist you want to go out with such fellow. Say he usually late for 1 hour, then you just be there for 1 hour later than the appointment time. By the time you reach there, it will be ngam ngam. This is what i practise towards some people who are always late. And most often, it works out really well. Remember late person just wont change, either due of their gay personality as being feminine is grooming up before they leave their house, or simple because they have zero conscious on time.

So, use your wisdom.

galaxy0412 said...

haha...i have it as well...
that's y i have no ask for drink tea anymore...
cos if u ask for it, u have to be there on time...
n it make me mad when i have to wait for half a hour yet no body come... i mean zero ppl !!!
maybe there re serious traffic jam in skc... i dunno...
so now i just stay at home n be the "its still ok to be late person"...
they re so clever to be late n need not to wait other,
so y re we so stupid to be the one who go there early to waste our time waiting others?

Jin said...

I completely agree with you. I'm a punctual people, and I really dislike when people are not on time (10 minute late is ok, no longer!) I really dislike when people are not punctual, but in your case, when it is the other person making the promise, they should keep that promise! If they made the promise and were late, I would indeed be very upset. But because I am punctual, I expect others to be as well.