So people had asked
What makes you choose psychology,

I replied: Nothing, I wish to know myself more, thats why I choose it as my major.
Havent know myself enough, I wouldnt dare to know others more.

Life is good so far, no homesick yet, tonnes of travelling plans and lots of things to learn
Except that the bloody $2000+ rent need to due a day after my birthday.

I am so glad that UBC actually have its own oval now, I am running like everyday there.
What best in life?
Its when you can do things that you love whenever u want to.

If you never do what you love, you will never love what you do. Thats the fact of life.
Life sucks, big time
So Its time to take the bull by the horn and face the music.

Today mark the end of Summer, Be ready for the coldness people!

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