Its one month load of laundry here. Guess its the last time for laundry for the end of this term.

Few days ago I went and checked whether there is yet naked people at Wreck beach or not.
The result is, as some wolves might want to know but lazy to climb own
-drumroll please-
Its not easy to go down to the beach since u need to climb down like 400+ ladders to and climb up again to the origin point to UBC.
My gastrocnemius (俗称小腿) muscle now suffering overstretching pain because I tried to run up to the top within 10 minutes.
Well, thats the pain you need to endure if u wish to see *cough cough* naked peoples
Or should I say naked old people.

If you see me around, you will probably see my duck-like walking style to prevent further stretch of my gastrocnemius muscle.

I even feel that the seagulls like to apporach me now. Maybe they think I am one of their kind.

5 shell(s):

cj6455 said...

got old man ar?...lol

Anonymous said...

yei ...
u put ur dirty clothes in the blog ..

+...可欣...+ said...

haha...get well soon =p

hidprelude said...

LOL.. i met a semi-naked couple there~
what a waste.. should provide full service mah! =.=

galaxy0412 said...

naked people?
wat re them doing there?
to have sun bath or.... hehe...