A letter for you guys :)

Surprisingly, I am the second who turn to 20 finally eventhough we edi flipped 9 pages of the calendar.Obviously we are all late born babies, take away the account that "some"people who were borned on 1990. We dun reallly care, are we? lol

Thats why we call snakiss and not horsekiss.
btw, horsekiss sounds so terrible.Its true that we know each other such a long period.

We did so much thing together. Like really a lot and a lot.
We had actually reached a level that no one can get into in each other's heart.
If one new guy appear in my life and say "hello, can i be in there?"
I will definitely say no: "This is reserved, for them"
By them I mean you all.

We can do so many thing together that we couldn't with any of our new friend in our life.
Cause the bond is so strong that we couldnt do something without that some special person beside us.

I know vchin for like what? 18 years? We had been growing up together and its like he and me is a family. (yes we are)

Turning 20 is like the greatest turning point in my life.
Having ur age starting with two, means that you can no longer be the 1st one in people's priority care list because you are old now, you should be able to take care of urself instead of hoping others to take care of you.
Having ur age start with the figure 2, means that its time to find the other one in ur life and start a real relationship with him or her.
Though I know I am the only one who looking for a "her". lol.
Its not like sweet 16, 17 ,18,19 anymore. The favor slowly change to sour and bitter.
We all need to go through things that we dun like but we must been through to grow up. We are adult now and we are responsible for everything we had done, doing, and will do in the not so far future.

We all had so much diferences but yet we are so similar in a way that we love each other and care each other so much.
I had so much time well spent with you guys and seriously if the time would just stop for one second for me to reminiscence, I would hope that I can spend that one second with you guys.
Not even a milisecond I would willing to waste on that golden chance. I promise.

A friend doesnt need to be equipped with lots of thing, the most important to have is your ear, eyes, and most impotantly your heart.
Even if another and another and another more 20 years had come, I hope that we will still be friends. No matter what had happened. Tsunami, earthquack or cornflake. We, you, me, him, her and we, will still be, FRIENDS.

I had gave so much love into this relationship. I can't afford to lost anyone of you in my page of life. I got no eraser for my page of life, so once you are in the list, you will always be in.
And I hope this will last long enough :)

Get ready for the striking of 20th for the rest who havent been in the Twenties club. Soon enough you will be.

The three wishes I am going to have this year is

Everyone find the true love in their life.
All my wishes will come true
And the last one I will keep for myself

With much love I couldn't possibly written out here,

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vnnie said...

someone born on 1990:"is this means that i wont be replaced by hs??"

cj6455 said...

what is ur last wish?^^

Lum Yaik Khay ( clariesa ) said...

hey my friend how u doin??? still remember me? happy belated birthday... welcome to the twenties club.... hahaha lets enjoy having our age starts with 2 now :D