I really wanted to sleep. But I cant after reading this e-mail
I am so truly touched when I finish reading the email. It definitely make my day and I will keep it till the very end of my life.

I always want to bring changes to others' life, and I wish that I could change others. Doing so make me feel good. There is nothing better in this world than helping others.

It really glad to have someone you know that cares about you and you actually occupied a special place in his/her heart.

It doesnt need to be a big bouquet of flowers or a big luxurious present.

An email, is already more than enough
Thx about the email, it really is the best present I have had so far.

Really, Thank you.

"Sometimes, i wonder about how we become friends and how do we maintain it for so long. It is quite unbelievable that we can become friends if we account the differences of our personalities.

Still remember, i was juz tat kind of people who always secluded myself when i was in form 1 and form 2. Lol
I think the beginning of our friendship is all thanks to taekwondo. It was taekwondo that we start to know each other.

And then, dota even brought us closer together. Because of it, we have a common hobby, we hang out together more, and we juz became even more like friends.

So far in my life, there are few birthdays that are memorable for me. One of them happened when we were both in form 1. You might forget about it already
though. In the class, you suddenly called my name and wished me happy birthday. That was quite a surprise. In truth, you were the onli one who wish me happy birthday. Not to mention, we hardly talk to each other at those days. I appreciate it very much.

Indeed, your presence has a certain meaning in my life.

In this special day of yours, i want to wish u HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Friendship forever:)P.S.Haha. There must be quite some grammatical errors. Long time no write essay liao, so juz bear wif it:)

I write this essay because i suddenly think of the past and feel so nostalgic about it. Mayb because the older people grown, the more people want to back to the past. Have a good day:)"

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