I just realize that there is actually someone who hacked into others account trying to get some money from that account owner's friend. Seriously I think the conversation of the hacker is stupid. Like seriously stupid kind of stupid

6:57am Pamela
are you there ?
6:58am Lee
6:58am Pamela
how are you ?
6:58am Lee
pretty good
6:59am Pamela
am not too good
6:59am Lee
having rxam or something?
7:00am Pamela
am stuck in London
got mugged at gun point
7:00am Lee
you at london now?
7:01am Pamela
7:01am Lee
is it like on a vacation or?
7:01am Pamela
all cash,credit card and phone was stolen
7:01am Lee
thats too bad :(
u alone?
7:01am Pamela
7:02am Lee
wow, so u went there alone eh
have u contacted embassy yet?
7:02am Pamela
It was a Brutal Experience but Thank God i still have my life and passport saved
7:02am Lee
yea, it sucks
7:03am Pamela
my return flight leaves in few hours but having troubles sorting out the hotel bills
I need your help /
7:03am Lee
if u still have ur passport why will u got stuck in london?
o, ok
7:03am Pamela
wondering if you could loan me some few $$ to sort out the hotel bills and also take a cab to the airport
I promise to refund you tomorrow please
7:03am Lee
do u think its possible that i will do that for you?
i mean no offence but i duno you at all
7:05am Lee
And i know its a new kind of scam
so fuck off and stop being a jerk trying to get money from other people
cant you get something better to do instead of being such a punk?
You don't have permission to chat with this person.
seriously u need to do better than that
its so stupid

The next thing the hacker blocked me out from talking to the account owner anymore. Poor Pamela.

Post this up so that you guys will be aware of such scam. Sometimes our friend might really need help but please be sure who are we really talking to before we helped.

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Tedd said...

so is pamela ur fren?

FB aint very safe nowadays.. hehe

sN@iL0810 said...

yes, she is my fren, too bad her account got hacked