The deal is, we need to wear mask to prevent from taking Swine flu back with us. We cancel our plan for visiting some of the attraction because we are aware that we must keep ourself healthy from time to time. Do our best to not falling sick.

What to do?
Pig flu make us dun even have the right to breath fresh air.
I hate swine flu.

Its day two and after some discussion of how will we try our best to minimize the chances of infected with swine flu.
This swine flu did really affected my mood of staying here.
And seriously, I even feel like going home.
But wth eh?
Who can actually be here when there is a flu outbreak?
Its like the only chances in ten years.
SARS i am not here, Bird flu I am not here

But hey! I am here for swine flu.

So we went to Madame Tussaud's wax museum.
It was fun. And here are some pictures to share.

This is for those who think that I am too thin for six pack. Yes, I am not

Lang Lang feel touching by hearing me playing piano.

One of the good thing about wax museum is, they are moulded base one 1:1 ratio. And you can compare ur height with them.
And he is one of my favourite in the museum.
And he is shorter than me

Hong Kong night view is fantastic. I bet you can hardly find any other one in the world.
Its just so amazing that you will be drunk by just looking at it for more than 30 minutes.

I am boring with Hong Kong food already. Any other food suggestion?
Well, Malaysia food is still the best.

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linzaivernon said...

bounce +10cm

Ying Xuan said...

auckland gt swine flu too....haih...