If you asked whats the biggest thing changed in my life so far after one year i came here.
This will definitely be it
I used to hate it so much and asked why people like to eat sour rice so much and willing to spend so much on it? Its just expired and cold rice afterall

But it turns out I was wrong for so long, it taste good!
Or it taste really really good.
I thought it was like girls' hobby to eat sour rice but now I am one of them.

some moment to share. Love you guys :)
I had a lot of fun

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H.S. said...

Paddles Up//
Take it Away...

Siew Ying Ooi said...

Oh My Gosh!!! SUSHI....! Which restaurant? The salmons lOok so fresh... :)

sN@iL0810 said...

hey, sushi is everywhere in Vancouver because Vancouver is damous for breeding Salmon, so here we have the freshest salmon u can find any place in the world.
Should give it a try. Try those all you can eat, wont regret for sure

Siew Ying Ooi said...

I see I see.. okay :)
Might go to BC sushi tmr for mooncake festival, not sure though hehe hope its good.