When you compare the last year you and this year you,
you will always find a difference, or differences.

Its not until this year that I found I had actually settled down
I am not again acting like a little kid who miss home every moment abroad.
I somehow already get used to what I had here.
Not that I forgot how my previous years were like, but its just that I recognized something new into my life.

Waking up to study, going to class, meet new people is like a daily routine for me here.
Truth to be told, I will definitely miss here if I am gone.
I mean of course there is a reason why Vancouver is one of the best city to live on Earth.

The first year me was a totally novice of how to live out a life here.
Second year I start to get something from what fate had brought me to.
And I am sure for the next year, next next year, I will learn more and more

Like what the proverb said
"Learn for yesterday, live fore today, hope for tomorrow"

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María José MP said...

I have just gone through something like you. I've moved recently to a new city and I've found that this is the place where i want to live. i don't know if everything i want is here, but i do know that this place makes me happy, and that this is the only city where i'm not a tourist. Here it feels like home.

By the way, i really like your proverb !

Merry XMas !