Recently I come out with the idea that I need to do something special for my 20th birthday.

At first I thought of presenting myself a tattoo on my leg (calf muscle more specifically).
I figure that it would be a great idea that against all odds, I manage to get into the track team of UBC
It seems pretty cool to have a tattoo on the leg too since I like running so much and it sounds so perfect for me!

Then I asked my dearest in my life about their opinion, not surprisingly, they all say no
So I try to find another alternative to do in this significant (well, at least for me) twentieth birthday.

And she come out with the idea that I should shave my head and mark my 20 years in this earth.
What do you think, if a lot of people say yes, I will actually go for it

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Wong Ai Vern said...

shave hair ah?
why dun u wait til this year's ubc hair for charity? so ur extra hair can do charity also.