It was a day with lots of passion and excitement.
Waking up at 9.
Which is actually earlier than usual, even weekdays.

Then going to swim at 3pm. Heading downtown at 6.

Things goes smoothly and yea, I finally saw my lover here in Vancouver.

I purposely travelled 30km away to see her.
I just cant reject her beauty.
For her, I willing to do anything
For her, I willing to spend billions of dollar.
For her, I willing to be with her and take her anywhere she want to.
For her, I willing to feed her when she needs it
I wish I can touch over her non-stop, and enjoy every inches of her.

She is just so fine and I really wish i knew how to quit her.
Her body is just so fine that everyone cant resist her beauty.

Je t'aime /^3^/

The evidence of I actually touched her

I am not like a very big fans of cars. But for luxury car, I am.
I still remember fondly when "The Dark Knight" sacrifice his cute and sweet Lamborghini on the road. The time it got hit, my heart was like bumped by a lorry.
I cant help but shouting out in the threater, it just cost too much for me.

The car show was nice, worth even penny of it.
I saw some rare car in the show like Lotus and Ferarri also.

I spent around two or three hour or so inside the show to try on some of my favourite car because I know this might be the very first and last chance I can touch on the car.
Who can actually afford those carsssss right?

So I tried to sit inside and get the feeling of owning the car for ten second or so.

FYI, I try on like 10+ cars that day.
The price is averagely cheaper if compare to Malaysia.

But still in the end, I can only manage to take back this one home.

Little sheep

Classy, elegant, yet not expensive.

Hey yo, Final is coming, chiong chiong chiong!

32 days more

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Dailou said...

Nice Nice and Nice...

linzaivernon said...

in ur last pic

little boy: excuse me, how old r u?

hidprelude said...

damn, u make me miss my motorbike so much~

xiaowei said...

the little sheep is so cute! quite match with you leh XD