This last guy seem like a bit out of air, but he is actually trying to do beatbox and blowing the flute in the same time.

I always love this song. Since I started to like Maksim.

Here is my promise to life.

I will play it once in my life. In full notes.
Not as fast as they can but I will try

One more to do thing in the list.
Probably the hardest one

21 days =)

3 shell(s):

Teddy said...

maxim is amazing!!!!

Teddy said...

btw, the last guy in flute is a little disgusting la, even though he was trying to b-box at the same time.. hahaha....

the second guy is great too , the sound is much better than the piano actually... sweeter..

PehHwa said...

Play once in your life? Oh no, I can't wait for it. Piano or flute? Must record it ya.