Just when I was talking to a new friend in PSYC 100 class.

"Yo, Whats your name bro?"
"Lung, whats your?"
"Aaron, where do you from?"
"Oh hell no, are you serious?"
"Well, do like look like cheating on a new fren like you?"
"My parent are from there also, I went back every summer"


When I was the subject of a research project by UBC.
"Are you from Malaysia? Coz I can tell from your accent"
"Is it? How do you know about Malaysia accent?"
"My parent are from Penang, I know some Hokkien words also"


When I was paying for my clothes in FCUK® store in downtown Robson Street.
I was paying using my credit card, so as usual the cashier ask for my driving license.
"Oh, so you are from Malaysia eh?"
"I am from Malaysia too! I had been living here for like 20 years."
"Oh, what makes you here?"
"I studied and graduated here, so just feel like wanted to spend the rest of my life here."
........and on and on and on


I was talking to my friend one day and she told me, people who are able to migrate to other country wont living in the country. Because they country is not ideal enough.


People see 2009 as a good year. From Obama inaguration to the new start after the financial meltdown last year.

Changes is good. Will it be good for this April?

I will say it depends.

I cant speak for everyone. But the country can.

Latz wet n c

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xiaowei said...

Cool. So far, I just met 2 real Malaysians and 2 half-Malaysians (one has Malaysian mother who married with her Taiwanese father; and one has Permanent Residency in Australia and lived there for more than 10 years d.