"Of Men and Women"

Woman's Journal

She had been acting really weird today. We promised to have dinner together but I late for one hour because I was shopping with my friend. I think this is the reason why she is not happy for the day.

There wasn't much communication between us and he was eating without looking at me. He wasn't in the mood the whole day and I was asking him tonnes of questions but he only reply me with "yes, no, and mm". I used every method to make him happy but it seems like not working on him at all.

Then I gave up and ask him to tell me what happened. He agreed but yet he didn't tell me anything at all. I asked again and he say:" Nothing, just dun need to care about me"

I asked:"Is it because I spent a lot on shopping that make you angry?"
A simple "no" end our conversation abruptly.

"Its not because of you, just leave me alone, i will be fine"

On the way going back home, I hold his hand and tell him that I love him. He says nothing. He just keep on his pace and without giving any response to me. I dun get it. Why would he response nothing to the "I love you".

When we reached home, I figured that things might be really serious. I think I am going to lose him and I think he dun even care about me anymore. I need to do something.

After I bathed, I saw him laying on the couch and watching the TV. What? He dun even care about my feeling?

So I went to bed and thinking about the whole incident then I fall asleep. I just dunno what happened to him that make him dun even care about me anymore.

I dunno how long I slept, I woke up suddenly and I saw some light coming from the living room.

"He is still watching TV?"
So I walked to the couch and decided to talk to him about our problem. He acted strange the whole day and I never see him act like this before. I think the talk is crucial for our relationship.

I practise the starting line hundred of times before I go out to talk to him. I care about this relationship and I know if I act wrongly this relationship will end just like that. I cant afford to lose him.

When I approached him, I found that he slept ont he couch with smile on his face.

This moment I can say for sure that he has an affair outside. He chose not to sleep with me and sleep on the couch. He hates me! I felt the world treat me unequally. God, why am I still living in this world?

I think this is the end of our relationship

Man's Journal

Manchester United lost today. But the TV series tonight is quite hilarious.

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xiaowei said...


Anyway, not all the girls think that much de...


HAHAHAH can't the man just tell her...

linzaivernon said...

mu lost,
i will laugh whole day

galaxy0412 said...

it's damn funny when i read till the man journal part...