Nothing special happen, just sitting here and do nothing then blogging
Today is Monday, life has been pretty good recently. (At least i am still living in this world ^_^)
Love all my classes, although i need to do a lot of things recently.
Laziness did crawled over me and i think i had overcome it.
Data Management is quite tricky recently
Law has slow down it pace and we are working on mock trial this few days
4U is doing the CPT and all those literature stuff
Saw a really good picture which bring a big message to all of us

As what taken from Hitz FM, "LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX" its undeniably true, what we want to do since we were given a life here?

Study is actually for knowledge or for result?
I am sure the second option are more preferable.
Knowledge or Exam?
Love book or hate it but need to read it?
Marks on the course or understanding on the course?
Love the teacher or love the marks she/he give?

Sometimes, we tend to take everything for granted and assume that everything is ours. We should actually appreciate with what we have and enjoy each day of our life instead of saying "frust" everyday.

After a life long journey, who are smarter? the one who earn money the most or the one who live life to the max?

I doubt so


some random picture

Life is different with a girl or woman beside u

We wouldnt have such nice big fat noodles if there is no girl in our unit, hail As@ko~~

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Teddy said...

so, for u... izit knowledge or results?

Jun Sian said...

Haha.. true true..
Hail to Asako~
Thx her for giving so much joy to our unit~ ^^