Mother's day is approaching, i must use this chance to say " I Love U Ma!!"
Wonder when can i speak to her how i love her face to face. Anyway, this is a picture she took when she went to Australia on April. Isn't she cute?
Going to have dinner with her tomolo, hope it will be a great dinner. Guys, do something for the special people in ur life also.
(Note: My mum is the one who are carrying a blue bag, not the blondes behind. I am a 100% chinese)

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nana said...

lame la...so obvious~

linzaivernon said...

i also cant do it

lestermichael said...

hahahah..i think nana is correct..

vnnie said...

mum is the one who always sacrifice her own to give us the best future.....mum is so awesome.....so i gonna tell my mum i love her later....^_^

~:*:白雪不是公主:*:~ said...

我看到你的sidebar掉了下去 0_0"


sN@iL0810 said...