I must admit that the Melacca trip was really nice, the people are really nice there. They shop owner will actually comes to you and chat with you like a friend. A very big thanks to Kai Ling cause she willing to come out and become our tour guide. U are GREAT Kai Ling!!! We didnt follow the whole trip schedule but loitering around Jonker street. We visit none of the museum there actually. LOL. But i think all of us enjoy ourselves very much that day. I drank 2 1/2 cendol, two 500ml mineral waters, one tin of 100 PLUS and a lot of stuffs @@
The whole trip is about eat, eat, and eat. And i get to know my frens more and they are great as well. I think i will go pay another visit to Melacca soon ^_^

All the photo shot by my handphone, i am like a N80 photoshooter

On the way to Melacca, look through the map...
They are actually sponsored by DIGI, Sales Marketing I suppose
Quite Indian style decoration right?
Leong in rock hole!!!! HE rocks!! LOL
David: I thought we are coming here to eat???

Leong: The wall looks like my house back in JB
The must try Chicken rice ball in Melacca
Girls shopping are slow~~~~
Leong again =_=''
The paper art
Qing Yun shi (The temple of "Green Cloud")

The delicious Baba Chicken Mee
Jonker street, a lot of cheap stuffs here

Some artistic moment

Probably the best shoot of the day, the water lily

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regina said...

teh khai pin could down seven freakijgn chicken rice ball at once
isn't he amazing

sN@iL0810 said...

lol, serious?