When i see David's blog
I realise that two days b4 is leap day
For all leapling children, happy belated birthday.
After that day, we need to wait more 4 years to come, 4 years, it might not be significant to u all.
But i think it mean a lot to us.
4 more years, that is the day we come back from Canada(if we could make it)
4 years, is the date i graduated.
Suddenly i feel a bit upset, i need to leave everyone here.
I need to go to a place where i totall not familiar with
I need to learn all the thing over again
and i need to meet new fren and adapted with the new culture.
i had a feeling. For all JPA ICPU student, how if we do a ball next four year at 29th of February 2012.
that will be very memorable i guess

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dailou said...

My brother was born on 29th february 1988.
a children born in leap year on the leap day...

I will go if u can make it.
Bu zhi shi peng you.

luvprada said...

Bu zhi shi peng you

sN@iL0810 said...


zhang said...

bu zhi shi peng you

everything will still move on although u dun really wan it to come...
so... ju accept it loh...

up to u loh...
if u can do it, me for sure will join~~ ^^

wjleong said...

i want the ball also...
make promise ya!!