One Week break!!!!
haha, after so long time of waiting, the holiday i eagerly waiting for finally come!!
I want to sleep at home!!!
i have a great plan about this holiday
Sunday--- go to zoo negara and somewhere else
Monday---bring dailou and ah zhang go around my hometown
Tuesday--- suppose to be in Singapore with two siao kias(also ah zhang and dailou)
Wednesday---will reach KL in the morning, terus back home!!

YENGK!!!! I hope i can have a good rest in this holiday!! hope u guys enjoy ur earlier-than-me one week holiday as well

(ps: My roomate just say i look like going to go back home and never come back again cause i bring such two big bags excluded laptop bag)Thx my bro to give me such a lovely spongebob bag so that i can pack so many things inside, LOL. My last semester papers,plastic bags and tupperwares are enough to open a restaurant!!!

4 shell(s):

luvprada said...

aiyo...so jieng la..ur bag..
bu zhi shi peng you

dailou said...

it is me , DAILOU who bring two of u (siao kias) to singapore ...

Teddy said...

the yellow bag!!!
i kno i kno its spongebob
the stupid yellow cartoon
but still yiiiii...

zhang said...

bu zhi shi peng you~~~