If u all feel like nothing to do in this weekend, go for a movie!!!
I just watched a great movie name Vantage Point, here are some pictures of the movie!!

Enjoy!! It is most probably the most excited movie for me in 2008.

President Ashton (William Hurt) is attending a global war on terror summit in Spain. Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid) and Kent Taylor (Matthew Fox) are two of the Secret Service agents assigned to protect him. This is the first action that Agent Barnes has been in since he took a bullet for President Ashton six-month earlier. We really dont know if Agent Barnes is up to the challenge of protecting the President. Shortly after President Ashton is escorted to the stage in the plaza by the Secret Service, he is immediately shot twice by a rifle from a window and falls to the floor. The crowd is in shock and chaos breaks out all over, especially, when bombs begin to explode. Howard Lewis (Forest Whitaker) is an American video-taping the event to show to his children that he was actually there at this historic event. He believes that he has the picture of the man who shot the President. Agent Barnes sees the tape and has a clue to that person. Several different people witness the event, and only through their eyes do we see the truth behind the assassination attempt.
Afterward, the movie show us the different point of view where included the terrorist, passenger, a good smaritan, news reporter in those 8 strangers mentioned. Within the different points of view. We can slowly recovering the truth and know what is exactly happening. It’s only as we follow each person’s perspective of the same 15 minutes prior to and immediately after the shooting that the terrifying truth behind the assassination attempt is revealed.
The movie is really cool and worth my 10 bucks! The ending of the story is meaningful as the "bad guy" choose not to hit on the little girl but make an emergency brake and turn to the other way which made the car crashed. This shows that bad guy also have a good heart (DAvid said that)

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Ying Xuan said...

it's really nice
when it rewind and rewind again and again, all the ppl the cinema laugh.
Haha...So funny, but very special