Guys, here is the Sentosa trip with two siao kias (zhang and dailou)
Its a great trip anyway, i do enjoy it. Something happened during the trip, here is it.
I went Singapore by KTM
there is an Indian sleep opposite me, i mentioned that he was looking at me very frequently and I think he is gay. Anyway, i tried not to look at him because i know he will try to reach me and say hi to me.
However, once Zhang leave me and go to read book at his bed, which is juz beside me, he came with his handphone typing. He use some signal to make me understand that we should not talk but typing words in phone so that we wont disturb others.
ME: yes, you?
MUTU: Singapore also, i go there to meet my friend, you?
ME: One day trip with my friends
MUTU: o, great, i am a designer
ME: designer?
MUTU: designer for computer department,u study?
ME: ya, taylor college in Subang
MUTU: I am surprise u study there
ME: anything extraordinary?
At this point, he didnt understand what is extraordinary!!! such a stupid person
MUTU: TARC, Tunku Abdul Rahman at Subang?
I dun understand what he wnat to tell me as well
ME: Anyway, my friend is here and I want to sleep edi, good nite
Actually i ask zhang to come and save me so that i could ran away from him, i immediately draw the curtain together so that he can get out of my sight. And i found out he was trying to touch my hand when i pass back the phone to him everytime!!!
Ok, here come the MOST "INTERESTING" part!!!
After zhang left, i tried to use my hand to hold both of the curtain so that he wont come and disturb me again (he drew the curtain apart and tried to talk with me for the first time).
Anyway, it doesn't work, he hold my hand and shake it so that i could wake up!!!(what the heck!!!!!)
MUTU: I like u beauty
ME: I am not gay, please dun disturb me and go away!
MUTU: I know you not gay
ME: So, leave me alone and get lost!
I thrown back the phone to him without hesitating and close my curtain again.
MUTU: I penis need fuck
WHATs wrong with him???
If you think thats the end of the story, you are wrong! I packed my thing right away and change my bed so that he won't disturb me
While i was sleeping in the other bed, he came again.(how he knew i was sleeping there? he must be go around and search for me)
He show me his middle finger and do a signal of WHY-U-CHANGE-UR-BED.
I was really sleepy that time so that i didnt not get angrier, but after he left, i became angrier and angrier. At the end, i show him my finger as well.

oo0oo^-^oo0oo specially for that MUTU

well, thats the end of the story, next post will be about my sentosa trip

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Lauren said...

lol!!! hahahaha!;)

zhang said...


bu zhi shi peng you~~

tu xin said...

hahahahhaha!! you pretty boy?! haha.

vnnie said...

next time be careful lo....
coz u r "beauty"....right???

David said...

Lol, becareful in Canada cuz Canada legalized Gay marriage. Sure alot of er hem there.

Anonymous said...

if me i will show my finger to him at 1st.

Ying Xuan said...

LOL! "beauty"

Teddy said...

tak faham, how come got indian in ur room wan?!

meaning in ur room only got u n dat indian? where ur other two frens sleep?

Anonymous said...

hahaha..that's definitely an amusing encounter...gay! LOL

sN@iL0810 said...

not room la...teddy ah, its a row of bed, we can see each other one and my friends are sleeping beside me

Teddy said...

u stay in Backpackers Hotel izit!!!
y u take the dorm leh?!
u can take the twin or the three bed wan, then only u three only lor..
if u take the big dorms wif 6 beds, then u wil c strangers de..
the price is the same anyway, coz they charge per bed.. which is normally SGD25 per bed...

Anonymous said...

Interesting, but my question would be how you respond to him in the first place.
People like me, some people say 'gou dao', are hardly approachable.. so i wont have such encounters.. with i think is a bad thing, as i miss a lot of things!

sN@iL0810 said...

deng, teddy ah!!! i was in KTM la!!

Teddy said...

lei kong dou erm cheng erm chor..
very hard to understand.. hahaha

in KTM got one row of beds wan ah? i tot its one cubicle with two beds only...

hehe.. paiseh...

got MSN?

PehHwa said...

OMG.. =.=

佩瑜 said...

y so many Gay in this world...swt = = ''